The main summits of Mayotte

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For hiking enthusiasts, it is best to avoid a circuit during the southern summer season when tropical showers are frequent and make the terrain muddy and loose. It is also heavy and clammy, which can make hiking difficult. Prefer the dry season to discover Mayotte on foot and don't forget that it is always hot, whatever the season. Also, bring enough water, a cap and sunscreen to protect yourself as much as possible. Moreover, there are not many stopover cottages on the GR, so it is always necessary to provide accommodation from where you will leave by car or taxi to reach the beginning of the trail. Provide a means of transport for the return to another given point. There are still too few hikes that allow a loop circuit. On the other hand, the Combani cottages and the campsite in Ouangani, both located in the centre of the island, are very good starting points for hiking. For the wilder camping, see with the cottages directly, but beware of thefts, the bush is frequented. A short guide to the GR of Mayotte is available at the "Maison des livres". See also with the association "Les Naturalistes, Environnement et Patrimoine de Mayotte" which organizes several times a week hikes and outings.

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View of Mayotte Maki are small lumériens very players! Welcome to the Battalion. <p>The white sand island is one of the essentials!</p>

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  • Mamoudzou
  • Dzoumogné
  • Combani
  • Dapani
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Details of the stay: The main summits of Mayotte - 7 days

Day 1 : Arrival in Mayotte

Barge for Mamoudzou.

Day 2 : Heading north

Departure by car or bush taxi to reach the beginning of the GR and discover Dziani Bolé with its views of the northern islets.

Day 3 : Towards Convalescence

Discover the remains of the Governor's House, then a holiday resort for the highest representative of the State when he wanted to take "the fresh". Century-old mango trees line the trail and, with a bit of luck, you will see dogfish hanging from the trees. Don't worry, they're not mean or aggressive. Vegetarian, they are just as greedy for fruit as makis.

Day 4 : Discovery of the land centre

For a walk to Mount Combani with its bush and makis or, for the most courageous, ascension of the highest summit in Mayotte: Mount Bénara (660 m altitude)!

Day 5 : Ascent of Mount Choungui

To take advantage of the breathtaking views of the whole "hand of the South", then descent to Dapani to discover the natural reserve of Sasilé along the trail bordered by les. Bivouac with possibility to attend turtle laying if the baraka is on appointment (respect the approach instructions)!

Day 6 : Lake Dziani

Departure for Petite-Terre to cross the emerald lake and reach the double bay of Moya overlooking the coral Barrier separating it from the Indian Ocean.

Day 7 : End of stay

Departure for the airport.

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