360° Mayotte

  • 14 days
  • Spring
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  • Solo
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This program allows you to choose a single drop-off point on Mayotte or to organize the first nights rather towards Mamoudzou and its belt to then descend in the South towards Bouéni and then spend, always at your convenience, the last nights on Petite-Terre or Mamoudzou.

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<p>Village of Bandrélé.</p> Welcome to the Battalion. Museum devoted to Brandélé salt. View of Mayotte Maki are small lumériens very players! Overview of Petit Terre. <p>Fish market in Gisenyi.</p>

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  • Mamoudzou
  • Combani
  • Bandrélé
  • M'Tsamoudou
  • Pamandzi-Labattoir
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Details of the stay: 360° Mayotte - 14 days

Day 1 : Discovery of the North

Departure from Mayotte with its pretty bangas decorated and inhabited by teenagers who try to seduce young girls. Enjoy the magical views of the northern islets and their turquoise waters (try to enjoy the low tides, it is at this time that you will see the most beautiful shades of the lagoon) and return to the centre of the island with its bush, its ylang-ylang plantations, its stills, its cinnamon forests).

Day 2 : Dolphin safari or whale

Nothing like this is the season, to explore the most beautiful islands, with their beautiful beaches. Take advantage of the marins (palmes, masque and snorkeling) of their seabed populated with colorful fish, coraux corals. as a family, the palmated hiking is a perfect framed activity for all levels of practice. And you'll surely have the chance to see dolphins or whales.

Day 3 : Departure to the south of Mayotte

Stop in front of the biggest baobab at Musical Plage. Visit the salt ecomuseum in Bandrélé and then head for N'gouja beach, to swim with the large green turtles that spend their day grazing the herbarium facing the beach (at high tide). A unique moment! Laze on the beach bordered by baobabs and return by the Ylang and Vanilla ecomuseum on the west coast.

Day 4 : Day Hiking

Mount Choungui in the south of the island, attention to the last meters!

Day 5 : Exploration of the seabed

In "S" or other dive spots according to the chosen club and enjoy one of the world's largest enclosed lagoons.

Day 6 : Discovery of the South

Spread across the southern hand with its padzas, completely eroded land over the entire south point, and break under the baobabs at N'gouja. Discover its fall and swim next to turtles.

Day 7 : Turtle observation

Possibility of bivouac on Sazilé in order to attend the laying of turtles under the starry night (respect the instructions not to disturb them).

Day 8 : Discovery of the Bouéni peninsula

Return from Sazilé in the day, then from the Ecomuseum and Vanilla Ecomuseum with its botanical trail.

Day 9 : Centre of the island

With its lush, moist forest, its bush, then little walk towards Combani to discover the different species of Maoré. Plantations-ylang, canneliers or giant bamboo plantations are at your disposal. Do not hesitate to stop in front of stills. In this way, you will be able to purchase from the small local producers their extracts from ylang-ylang.

Day 10 : Kayak trip along the lagoon

Go to Sakouli to see the turtles come out of the water to breathe or walk along the fringing reef and admire the beauty of the underwater world. Discover the Salt Ecomuseum in Bandrélé with its famous mamas shingos who will introduce you to the harvesting of mangrove salt thanks to an ancestral know-how that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Day 11 : Overview of the island in ULM

To immortalize Maoré and its lagoon with its island of Sable-White or even the surprising mount Choungui! It is also possible to prefer a new nautical outing to appreciate the treasures of the lagoon, we are not getting tired!

Day 12 : Day shopping

Half day on Mamoudzou, "shopping" in its shops or on its covered market to discover the thousand and one spices, fruits and vegetables that clothe the stalls, in the image of nutmeg, clous, pepper, cinnamon, bananas, fruit fruits, cassava, papayas, mangoes, pineapple. Then discover its sacred place with Mahabou Point where the tomb of the last Sultan of Mayotte, Andriantsouly, lies. Go to the barge to reach Petite-Terre, good tables at noon and siesta at the beach. First night on Petite-Terre.

Day 13 : Discovery of Dzaoudzi

With the "Rocher" district, where the first settlers settled, and a visit to the colonial buildings, including the "Residence", the plans of which were drawn by Gustave Eiffel. Then climb to the top of Lake Dziani with jade water, which is located in the crater of an ancient volcano. Then it's time for a swim on Moya Beach, located on the outer barrier reef of the lagoon. Another night on Petite-Terre.

Day 14 : Last day in Mayotte

Departure and kwaheri (goodbye) in Mayotte.

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