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For themed stays, Basel offers the most opportunities for architecture lovers and art lovers.

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<p>Boat boat on the Rhine.</p> Mittlere Brücke, Oberer Rheinweg. Marktplatz, the market place.

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  • Basel
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Details of the stay: Basel, arts and architecture - 3 days

Day 1 : The Carnival

Three days is how long the carnival lasts. See festivity for more details on the program. A powerful tourist magnet, this event is also called by its inhabitants "The three most beautiful days" (of the year). It will be necessary to come in February-March to experience this special time, whose origins and customs are historical and folklore. Don't miss the Museum of Cultures in Basel, which has a permanent exhibition dedicated to Carnival. Think about your suit before you come!

Day 2 : The architecture

From medieval remains to futuristic contemporary buildings, including late Gothic, neoclassical Belle Époque, Art Nouveau, industrial and other buildings... Basel has an edifying range of architectures from all the city's golden ages (see the Architecture section for more details).

Old Basel: Guided tour of the old town with a guide to discover the medieval beauties of flamboyant Gothic buildings, in particular the town hall and the cathedral. Walk to the Spalentor. In the afternoon, visit the Architecture Museum and the Historical Museum of the city.

Modern Basel: visit the new tower that dominates the city, the headquarters of Hoffmann la Roche, built by Herzog & Meuron. Urban exploration of modern districts to admire the city's towers and other futuristic architectural wonders, including the Parc Saint-Jacques and the switchyard at Basel station, built by the same architects.

Basel Design: visit the Vitra complex, university and design museum in the morning. Visit the Tinguely Museum, a building designed by architect Mario Botta. In the afternoon, visit the grain silo in the Kleinhüningen district, the Dreispitz tram depot designed by Bernouilli.

Day 3 : Modern and contemporary art

Fans will come during the Art Basel fair dedicated to contemporary art, which is renowned throughout the world as a must.

Basel and the arts. Visit of the Museum of Fine Arts and the musée d'Art contemporainmorning. In the afternoon visit of the Fernet Branca Foundation in Saint-Louis.

Basel according to Tinguely. Visit of the Tinguely Museum and in the city, discovery of the Carnival fountain by this same artist. In the afternoon, stroll through the art galleries scattered throughout the city.

Vitra and Schaulager. Visit of the Vitra Complex in the morning, hike on the contemporary art trail "24 stops" to the Beyeler Foundation. Visit of the art galleries in the surroundings. The Schaulager is an art history institute open only to a professional audience, reserved for scientific research and higher education and is a warehouse for the unexposed works in the Emanuel Hoffmann collection. For the public, the Schaulager opens every year from April to October, and organizes temporary exhibitions.

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