Diversity of Papua

  • 11 days
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Solo
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  • Family
  • Friends
  • Culture / Heritage
  • Faune and flora
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From Kavieng , this tour allows you to discover all the facets of Papua New Guinea with some of the most beautiful regions of the country. Multiplying the number of flights, despite the cost, will allow a better appreciation of the country.

Photo gallery

<p>Arrival of dukduk masks in Rabaul Bay.</p> <p>Dancers in the Goroka region. Goroka Show.</p> Dancer in the Asaro valley, near Goroka. The famous Mud Men. <p>Skelleton man. Character of a play played in the village of Mindima.</p> <p>Resident of Tari.</p>

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  • Port Moresby
  • Goroka
  • Rabaul
  • Kavieng
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Details of the stay: Diversity of Papua - 11 days

Day 1 : Relaxing on the beach

Arrival in Kavieng to enjoy the ocean.

Day 2 : Traditional cultures along the coast

Day drive to visit the villages and beaches of the East Coast and watch Malagan masked dances.

Day 3 : At the foot of the Tavurvur volcano

In the morning, flight to Rabaul. Installation near the Tavurvur volcano and visit of the city engulfed by the ashes of the volcano, the military cemetery and the volcanology centre.

Day 4 : Immersion in the Baining people

Visit of the active volcano, then departure for the Baining Mountains, 2 hours away. At nightfall, fire dances, very impressive.

Day 5 : Cap on Goroka

Flight via Moresby to Goroka. Visit of the city and surrounding area.

Day 6 : Experience in a local tribe

Day dedicated to the Goroka Show. This is a unique opportunity to discover the diversity of Papuan cultures and their sumptuous jewellery in one place. Profusion of feathers, paintings, colours, smells and songs! Unforgettable moments.

Day 7 : Culture and traditions

Departure by car to Hagen, 4 hours drive. On the way, stop at Mindima, in Simbu province, to witness the theatrical representation of the skeletons...

Day 8 : Stroll in the high altitude rainforest

Near Kumul Lodge, 1 hour from Hagen, where you can easily observe birds of paradise and orchids while walking. In the afternoon, return to Hagen and flight to Port Moresby.

Day 9 : From village to village

Flight from Hagen to Tari in a small missionary plane. Visit of villages, discovery of the superb local scenery, initiation rites...

Day 10 : Departure to Port Moresby

Back in the middle of Day in Port Moresby by air.

Day 11 : Discovering the Capital

Visit of the Variata National Park and observation of paradise. International flight in the afternoon.

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