Paraguay's wealth

  • 23 days
  • Spring
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  • Culture / Heritage
  • Faune and flora
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Three or four weeks allow a good discovery of Paraguay, its more or less lively cities and isolated villages. The first week can be dedicated to the region of Asunción, with three days in the capital and excursions to small artisan towns in the surrounding area. Visit the cultural center of the Manzana de la Rivera (and have a drink, in front of the Palacio de Gobierno), the Andrés Barbero Ethnographic Museum, or more morally hard to access, the Museo de las Memorias, showing the cruelty of repression during the dictatorship. Less than an hour from the capital, the Guildo Boggiani Ethnographic Museum in San Lorenzo and the Ramón Elías Museum in Capiatá (dedicated to Guarani mythology) are also of interest. The South American Football Museum in Luque will appeal to fans, who are sure to enjoy an evening game in an Asunción stadium. The second week can be spent in the south of the country, where the famous missions of Trinidad and Jesus are located, to be completed with a visit to interesting museums of sacred art in San Ignacio and Santa María de Fé, two very pleasant little towns, as well as the ancient mission of San Cosme y Damián, which has a modern astronomical observatory, to immerse you in the magnificent Guaraní sky. In the area, you can also go fishing for surubí in Ayolas on the banks of the Paraná River. A little away from the traditional routes, go to Pilar and the small villages full of history of Ñembucú. The third and possibly fourth week will be dedicated to adventure, in the Chaco and/or Pantanal: visiting the Mennonite colonies of the Chaco and the nearby lagoons, observing the exceptional fauna and flora of these wild regions.

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Palacio de López. <p>Break and part of chess for the red fish seller on Plaza Uruguaya, Asuncinón.</p> <p>The South American Football Museum in Luque.</p> <p>Sale of various football clubs in Ità.</p> <p>Travel by karumbé in Villarica.</p> <p>Sugar cane fields in the vicinity of La Colmena.</p> <p>Lancha Asunción - Chaco'i.</p> <p>The peaceful village of Santa María de Pa.</p> Ruins I suites from Trinidad. <p>Mission Jesuit de Jesús de Tavarangué.</p> Emblematic Lido Bar.

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  • Asunción
  • Luque
  • Itauguá
  • Itá
  • Areguá
  • San Bernardino
  • Tobatí
  • Ybycuí
  • La Colmena
  • Villarrica
  • San Juan Bautista
  • Santa María de Fe
  • Santiago
  • Jesús de Tavarangué
  • San Cosme Y Damián
  • Bella Vista sur
  • Ciudad del Este
  • Hernandarias
  • Belén
  • Bahía Negra
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Details of the stay: Paraguay's wealth - 23 days

Day 1 : Discovery of the city of Asunción

Visit of the monuments of the historical centre and the banks of the Río Paraguay. Fast boat crossing to Chaco'i to admire the capital on the other side of the river.

Day 2 : The capital in depth

Visit of the Museo del Barro. Botanical garden in the afternoon. Sunset on the beach of La Costanera.

Day 3 : Shopping day

In the morning, go and get lost in the Mercado 4 near the centre, where you can have lunch. In the afternoon, if you want to continue shopping, in a very different atmosphere, the shopping centres of Villa Mora or shopping del Sol await you. Drink a drink in the evening at Paseo Carmelitas or in a pub in the historic centre.

Day 4 : Around Lake Ypacaraí

Visit Luque, then Areguá or San Bernardino, a pedal boat on Lake Ypacaraí at sunset.

Day 5 : Local culture and thrills

Visit one or more villages in the region known for their crafts: Itá, Itauguá, Tobatí... In the latter village, schedule a bike ride to Chorro Karumbé, a climb in the rocks, or a parachute jump.

Day 6 : Day relaxing

Stay in a estancia of the region. Rest!

Day 7 : Stroll in the surroundings

Take advantage of this stopover to take a horseback ride and enjoy a typical asado

Day 8 : At the foot of the Villarica volcano

Visit Villarica and explore the Ybyturuzú mountain range with a guide.

Day 9 : Nature excursion

Visit Salto Cristal or the Ybycuí reserve. Night at La Colmena or Ybycui.

Day 10 : Museum day to discover the local culture

Return to Ruta 1 to visit the museums of San Juan Bautista, including one dedicated to the guitarist Agustín Barrios Mangoré, or the sacred art of San Igancio. A peaceful night in Santa María de Fé, if the howler monkeys of the central park are wise.

Day 11 : Morning in Santa María and overnight stay with a local resident

Discover the Jesuit Art Museum and the brand new museum dedicated to the French botanist Aimé Bonpland. Road to San Cosme y Damián. Night at the inhabitant's house, in one of the posadas turísticas.

Day 12 : Along the Río Paraná

Departure early in the morning to reach the sand dunes in the middle of the Río Paraná. In the late afternoon, visit the mission and the astronomical centre (at night).

Day 13 : Visit by Encarnación

Drink on the beach while admiring the lights of Posadas on the other side of the river.

Day 14 : Visits to former Jesuit missions

Discover the world of mate grass in one of the yerbateras of Bella Vista, then go to the ruins of the Jesuit missions of Trinidad and Jesus, close to each other. Travel to Ciudad del Este.

Day 15 : Discovery of the world's largest hydroelectric power plant

Visit of the barrage d'Itaipú

Day 16 : A walk in the heart of nature

Discovery of the natural reserves around Itaipú.

Day 17 : Impressive Waterfalls

Excursions at the Iguazú Falls (Brazilian and Argentine sides). Night in Puerto Iguazú in Argentina.

Day 18 : Heading for the Mbaracayú Reserva

Long day of travel to reach the Mbaracayú Reserva

Day 19 : Observation of wildlife and flora

Walk by canoe or foot in the reserve to observe wildlife and discover the rich ecosystem of the Atlantic forest of the upper Paraná.

Day 20 : Road to Concepción

Visit this charming city on the banks of the Paraguay River. Overnight in town or at El Roble farm in Belén, a village where the Tropic of Capricorn passes through.

Day 21 : Excursion to sumptuous landscapes

Day at the farm, or day in his hammock aboard the Aquidaban, to reach Bahia Negra, in the Pantanal; or head for the equally wild Chaco, by bus or 4x4.

Day 22 : Escapades in deep Paraguay

Bahia Negra, biological station of Tres Gigantes, ecotourism in the Pantanal. Or discover the landscapes and populations of the Chaco. In both cases, the use of a guide is essential and at least 3 days on site are necessary to enjoy it.

Day 23 : End of stay

Allow some margin if you have a flight to catch to Asunción from the Pantanal or Chaco. Last artisanal shopping and night outings of despedida with your new Paraguayan friends.

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