El Salvador in 3 weeks

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Although this country does not have an important size, it is difficult to get bored for 3 weeks. The stay below allows you to visit the west, south, east and northern El Salvador. This stay begins and ends in San Salvador, the capital.

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San Salvador d'Oviedo Cathedral. View of the city of San Salvador. The colonial village of Suchitoto. The Mayan archaeological site of Tazumal is located in the village of Chalchuapa, 15 km from Santa Ana. Many murals colour the streets of Ahuachapan. National Palace of San Salvador In the crypt of San Salvador Cathedral, Bishop Romero is founded. Textile craft in San Sebastian: a loom. View of the city of San Miguel. The volcano of San Miguel. Church of Perquin. Señora Nuestra Cathedral de La Paz de San Miguel. Street art is slowly beginning to find its place in the capital. Night Nécrotourisme in the Cemetery of the Famous.

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  • San Salvador
  • Playa Costa Del Sol
  • Santa Ana
  • Joya De Cerén
  • Chalchuapa
  • Ahuachapán
  • Juayua
  • Apaneca
  • Alegria
  • San Miguel
  • Perquín
  • Bahía De Jiquilisco
  • La Unión
  • Suchitoto
  • Panchimalco
  • Volcán San Salvador
  • Concepción De Ataco
  • Isla De Meanguera
  • Santa Tecla
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Details of the stay: El Salvador in 3 weeks - 20 days

Day 1 : San Salvador

The Salvadoran capital is much more pleasant than the capitals of neighbouring countries. The roads are particularly good and it is much easier to travel to El Salvador by car. It is therefore not necessary to hesitate to rent some.

Relaxation and visit of the capital. The tour begins in the Salvador del Mundo square where the monument, the symbol of the city, is located. Head for the historic centre: the cathedral, the National Theatre, the National Palace, the El Rosario church, Plaza Barrios, Plaza Libertad and a visit to the National Museum of Anthropology. The afternoon will be devoted to the vehicle ascent of the San Salvador volcano. A 2-hour stop at El Boquerón National Park is to be expected. This park is the crater of the San Salvador volcano, at an altitude of 1,893 meters. From the viewpoint it is possible to contemplate the whole city of San Salvador.

In the early evening, a walk to the paseo del Carmen in Santa Tecla is a must, especially on weekends. The many restaurants and bars in this festive district are a must.
Day 2 : The capital and its surroundings

Visit of the craft market and the Antiguo Cuscatlán market in the morning.

In the afternoon, we will discover the surroundings. From the Mirador de los Planes, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Ilopango. The tour continues to the famous Puerta del Diablo, an impressive rock formation overlooking the city of San Salvador. Stop and visit the pipil village of Panchimalco which has a very beautiful colonial style church and small art museums not to be missed.
Day 3 : Suchitoto

Departure for the village of Suchitoto, the only fully preserved colonial village. Visit along its cobbled streets, its colonial church, its art galleries. In the afternoon: one hour boat trip on the lake.

Day 4 : Santa Ana

Heading west for Santa Ana. A short hike in its surroundings will be very enjoyable as well as a visit to the city, the theatre and the pedestrian area of Villa Morena to eat.

Day 5 : Ahuachapán

Continue your way to Ahuachapán. On the road are the archaeological sites of Joya de Cerén, Tazumal and Casa Blanca. Then follow the Flower Route, stopping in the different villages, in particular Apaneca and Concepción de Ataco, which are not lacking in charm. These last two villages are very popular on weekends. You will discover the colourful craftsmanship of the HermanosFabru'S. Their memitas, painted or sculpted female characters, are emblematic and representative of Salvadoran life and women.

Day 6 : Ahuachapán (bis)

Continue your journey.

Day 7 : Libertad

Return to San Salvador to go south, in La Libertad. Famous for its "Muelle" (dock), it is necessary to taste seafood and fish that sell there.

Day 8 : Day at the beach

Next, choose a beach nearby to enjoy surfing, or simply to rest by the sea. Plan to reserve to a local association a release of tortues turtles. An unforgettable experience!

Day 9 : Costa del Sol

Detour to the Costa del Sol for an all-inclusive day at one of the region's hotels. Discovery of mangroves in the Jaltepeque estuary

Day 10 : Alegría

Return once again to San Salvador to head east. On the way to San Miguel, two stops are essential. The first one in Alegría for a picnic by the emerald lake

Day 11 : San Sebastián

Stop in San Sebastián where you can discover, in a textile centre that produces fine crafts, weaving machines driven by human force and methods introduced in the 18th century that still remain the rule for the manufacture of Salvadoran textiles today.

Day 12 : San Miguel

In San Miguel, possibility of hiking in the surroundings (précolombiens remains, different lagoons...).

Day 13 : Road to Peace

From San Miguel, take the direction north to win the road of Peace. Along with the Flowers route, it is advisable to rent a car to travel through the mountains.

Day 14 : Perquín

Very rich culturally, an important passage in Salvadoran history will emerge in Perquín.

Day 15 : Swimming and idleness

Crossing again by San Miguel to relax on a beach in the area Oriente, the Playa El Cuco is strongly recommended for bathing and especially surfing!

Day 16 : La Unión

Departure for La Unión and visit of its port. From there, you will take a lancha to discover the islands of the Gulf of Fonseca

Day 17 : Meanguera Island

The visit of the island and its fishing village will be the one where you can visit and stay for a relaxing and exotic break.

Day 18 : Jiquilisco Bay

On the road to San Salvador, the ultimate stop will be in a small paradise on earth: . Bay. Relax and calm in an ecosystem rich in mangroves, relax on the fine sandy beaches! They can be reached by boat or by car.

Day 19 : Bay of Jiquilisco (bis)

Take a second day in the bay to enjoy the beach and its natural wealth.

Day 20 : San Salvador/Zone Rosa

Return to San Salvador for one last evening in the Zona Rosa where you will have the embarrassment of choice for a last quiet evening!

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