Meeting Lithuanian diversity in three weeks

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Lithuania is not just Vilnius. We propose you to travel in three weeks through this beautiful country which abounds in monuments, traditions, natural landscapes...

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<p>Orthodox Cathedral of Vilnius Assumption.</p> <p>University of Vilnius.</p> <p>Houses in Trakai.</p> <p>Vilnius choir Synagogue located in rue Pylimo.</p> <p>Klaipeda is shared by the Dané River.</p> <p>City hall in Kaunas on Rotušės Square.</p> <p>Château de Kaunas.</p> <p>Maison de Nida.</p> <p>The old town of Klaipéda.</p> <p>Palanga Amber Museum.</p> <p>Gedimino Prospektas Street.</p> <p>Vilnius Cathedral.</p> <p>Europa Shopping centre.</p>

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  • Vilnius
  • Trakai
  • Kaunas
  • Druskininkai
  • Juodkrantė
  • Nida
  • Klaipėda
  • Palanga
  • Plateliai
  • Panevėžys
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Details of the stay: Meeting Lithuanian diversity in three weeks - 22 days

Day 1 : The centre of Vilnius

Start your visit with the Cathedral Square, which you will recognize by its imposing French classical style. Go up through the park to the Gediminas tower overlooking the square. At the top of the tower is a belvedere that offers a beautiful view of the city. Then take Gedimino prospektas, Lithuania's "Champs-Elysées". In this street is the Museum of the Victims of Genocide, more commonly known as the "KGB Museum"; moving, it evokes the hell of political prisoners under Soviet occupation. After having walked through Gedimino, leave the Cathedral Square and go up Pilies Street, which is full of restaurants and cafés; take the opportunity to take a break at one of its terraces. Continue your ascent along Didzioji Street, which will take you to the Town Hall Square. From the square, you will see the church of Saint-Casimir, recognizable by its crown-shaped bell tower and its pink colour. Walk past the Astorija Hotel and go up to the porte de l'Aurore.

Day 2 : Vilnius side

Start the day with the visit of the Church of Sainte-Anne to the red brick facade. Behind is all the churches of the Bernardins. Cross the river and then venture to "the Republic of Uzupis", a district of bohemian artists named "Petit Montmartre". Climb to Basteja, and let yourself be seduced by the sight. To the north of the city, do not miss the Saints-Pierre and Paul church. Its interior offers one of the best examples of Lithuanian Baroque. At the end of the afternoon you can go to the TV tower. From there you can admire Vilnius and its surroundings, and dine or enjoy a drink in the restaurant.

Day 3 : Trakai

Trakai is a small town 28 km from Vilnius, famous for its lake and castle, which was once the capital of the Duchy of Lithuania. On the program, visit the castle and the Karaite Ethnographic Museum to discover this Lithuanian minority. If the weather is nice and hot, you can swim in the lake or rent a boat for a walk along the water. After lunch, take the road to Riga (3 hours) and, a few kilometres after the border, at Bauska, follow the signs for Rundale Castle. Located 80 km from Riga, this palace was built in 1740, at the request of the Duke of Birzov, by Franscesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, the architect who designed the Winter Palace of St Petersburg. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful palace in the Baltic countries.

Day 4 : Kernave

40 km from Vilnius, the site of this small village is sublime with the Neris valley and its many hills. After a walk through the village and the old kolkhoz, you have to take the paths for a short walk or even a picnic in an exceptional natural site, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 5 : Return to Vilnius

If cities are not your dada, another route may be considered: the discovery of the Neringa peninsula, via Klaipeda, instead of a stay in Kaunas. Or, closer, if you miss time, Aukstaitija Park with its many lakes is a good idea. If the relaxation is the program, it's in Druskininkai that you have to go for a thermal cure even a few days.

Day 6 : Kaunas

The second city of the country, and the old capital in the interwar, deserves a little visit. Its old town, castle and pedestrian street are very pleasant. Museums must be visited, especially the pharmacy, but especially the Devil's Museum, which is very picturesque.

Day 7 : Kaunas, Neman Delta

Leave Kaunas to reach the Lithuanian coast and discover the charms of the small villages of the Curonian Lagoon and its culinary speciality: smoked fish. You can admire the quantities of birds that settle in this region during their breeding season (ornithological observatory), while staying with the locals in sublime houses. All of them will offer you many activities to discover the region.

Day 8 : Stroll

Take the day to walk and observe the surrounding nature.

Day 9 : Neringa Peninsula

Cross the lagoon towards Nida, this quiet and beautiful village. You can also visit Juodkrante and its Witches' Hill. Discover the dunes and the many views. Enjoy the lagoon, the beach and the pine forest where small wooden houses are hidden. And don't forget to swim in the Baltic Sea in summer or walk on the frozen lagoon in winter.

Day 10 : Peninsula Peninsula de Neringa

Continue exploring this magical place.

Day 11 : Nida

From the Neringa peninsula to the port city of Klaipeda, take the ferry to Smitltyne and return to the mainland. You can admire the lagoon and the sand dunes that line the peninsula along the path

Day 12 : Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaipeda Klaiped

Klaipeda does not require more than one day for a visit to the old town. We drink the Svyturys beer! You can also visit the brewery, but you must book in advance.

Day 13 : Klaipeda- Palanga

Palanga is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Lithuania. Enjoy the 10 km of sandy beach and let yourself be tempted by a jet-ski tour.

Day 14 : Park of Zemaitija

After the madness of the seaside resort, a small nature stay is welcome: visit of Zemaiciu Kalvarija, lake of Plateliai, and for the big thrill the former Soviet military base of Plokstine.

Day 15 : Lake Plateliai

You can go around the lake by bike or on foot according to your wishes. Renting a boat to sail on the waters of the lake is of course possible.

Day 16 : Siauliai

Visit of the city and its many museums.

Day 17 : Siauliai (bis)

Ascent to the famous Hill of the Crosses.

Day 18 : Druskininkai

Return to the south of the country for a moment of relaxation in the region of the mushroom and thermal cures.

Day 19 : Parkos Grutos

Visit this natural park where you can walk along the paths littered with statues from the Soviet era.

Day 20 : Belmontas

Spend the day in this green area about km from Vilnius city centre.

Day 21 : Vilnius

Finish exploring Vilnius and make the latest purchases.

Day 22 : Departure

More than three weeks in Lithuania is quite conceivable as the country is so rich in discoveries. If you are interested in visiting the whole country, you should consider a trip of at least two months.

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