Stay in Swedish Lapland

  • 7 days
  • All seasons
  • Solo
  • Couple
  • Friends
  • Culture / Heritage
  • Faune and flora
  • Adventure / Sports & Leisure
  • High

Excursion to northern Sweden to explore the mysterious territories of Lapland. In winter, activities such as skiing, sledding or snowshoeing await you. In summer, you will enjoy beautiful hikes.

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Snowy Hôtal of Kiruna. Kiruna at dawn

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  • Vuollerim
  • Luleå
  • Gammelstad
  • Haparanda
  • Abisko
  • Jokkmokk
  • Kiruna
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Details of the stay: Stay in Swedish Lapland - 7 days

Day 1 : First step in Lapland

Departure from France to Luleå, with a stopover in Stockholm.

Day 2 : Visit to Luleå

In summer, walking by boat to the islands surrounding the city, in winter, the tour will take place in skiing, snowmobiling or even by car on the roads on the sea, which, in the meantime, froze! Then visit Gammelstad, a medieval village at 15 km.

Day 3 : Visit of Jokkmokkk and surroundings

Possible stop in the charming village of Vuollerim to discover its archaeological museum. In Jokkmokkk, you can't miss his Ajtte museum

Day 4 : Hiking, fishing or Sled Dog

Jokkmokk, bordered by rivers and lakes, gives the opportunity to hike through the forest, to fish in summer as in winter, and to be tempted by a sled dog excursion or by the discovery of the midnight sun around June and July.

Day 5 : Ever more North

Return to Luleå with a detour to Haparanda on the side of the Finnish border, or a lift to Kiruna and Abisko. Kiruna has no interest but to visit its mine, and in winter the possibility of skiing not far from the centre. This is a welcome stopover on the road leading to Abisko.

Day 6 : Breath of fresh air

The tourist resort of Abisko, lost in the mountains, offers plenty of possibilities for nature lovers. Departure for the famous royal track for skiing or walking, cable car open all year round. It comes to the midnight sun, the aurora borealis, nature and nature!

Day 7 : Last hours in Lapland

Return from Kiruna or Luleå.

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