The Volcanic Azores

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You can imagine a tower of volcanological but, as all the islands are of volcanic origin, you should visit the whole archipelago! Depending on the route you have chosen, the following sites are required as an essential. A third week allows the visit of Flores and Corvo, for the visit of the caldeirão, an imposing crater in Monte Gordo. There are two beautiful lakes.

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Ascension on Pico Island. Port of Horta, Faial Island.

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  • Sete Cidades
  • Furnas
  • Horta
  • Caldeira
  • Pico
  • Serra de Santa Bárbara
  • Algar do Carvão
  • Crição Velha
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Details of the stay: The Volcanic Azores - 14 days

Day 1 : São Miguel and Sete Cidades

To the northwest of the island, the lakes that make up the landscape of this exploded volcano are superb, especially from the Vista do Rei, a landscaped lookout.

Day 2 : Lagoa do Fogo

One of the most beautiful lakes on the island, Lagoa do Fogo offers nature lovers superb hiking opportunities.

Day 3 : Furnas

Perhaps the most mysterious place on the island, and as a result: you are in the "mouth" of the volcano! In addition to the smoking caldeiras in the city and its surroundings, Furnas is also a well-known spa.

Day 4 : Towards Terceira

Transfer to Terceira.

Day 5 : Furnas do Enxofre

Its natural ovens are one of the most striking volcanic manifestations on the island. Whatever the weather, there is a mystical atmosphere...

Day 6 : The volcanic cavities Gruta do Natal and Algar do Carvão

The lava flows of one and the exuberant silica formations of the other promise l'autreyou an unusual and instructive visit.

Day 7 : Graciosa

Transfer to Graciosa.

Day 8 : Furna do Enxofre

Caldeira and the cave of Furna do Enxofre.

Day 9 : São Jorge

Fajãs, again and again.

Day 10 : Pico

Transfer to Pico and discovery of the Gruta das Torres, one of the longest laviques tunnels in Europe.

Day 11 : Ponta do Pico

For seasoned hikers, the ascent of Ponta do Pico and its unique panorama.

Day 12 : Towards Faial

Transfer to Horta and discovery of Monte da Guia, a double flared crater forming an impressive marine cove. The panorama on Horta and the south coast is superb.

Day 13 : De volcano

Simply blowing... Released in 1957, it forms a majestic lunar landscape. Its interpretation centre is a very informative visit.

Day 14 : Caldeira Caldeira

A huge crater 2 km in diameter, 8 km of perimeter and 400 m deep. A magnificent natural space.

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