Kazakhstan from all angles

  • 22 days
  • Spring
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  • Autumn
  • Solo
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  • Culture / Heritage
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Cross the large territories of Kazakhstan with the discovery of sumptuous landscapes, between sea, mountains and plains, an amazing and rich culture.

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<p>St. Nicholas Cathedral.</p> <p>Green Bazaar.</p> <p>Patinoire rink.</p> <p>Mausoleum of Ahmed Ahmed.</p> <p>Old port with stranded vessels.</p> <p>Mangyshlak Peninsula.</p> <p>Presidential palace.</p> <p>The circus of Astana.</p> <p>Museum of Kazakh musical instruments.</p> Park of the city of Oust-Kamenogorsk. <p>Orthodox cathedral in.</p> <p>Almaty Mosque.</p>

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  • Nur-Sultan
  • Oust-Kamenogorsk
  • Almaty
  • Turkestan
  • Aralsk
  • Karaganda
  • Baïkonour
  • Semeï
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Details of the stay: Kazakhstan from all angles - 22 days

Day 1 : First steps in Kazakhstan

Arrival in Almaty.

Day 2 : Visit of the old capital

Walk in Panfilov Park, and visit the Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum. Take a late afternoon to see all this from a height by cable car and experience the city's vibrant nightlife, as you won't find it anywhere else in the country

Day 3 : The surroundings of the city

Take a day off to take an excursion to Shymbulak or Charyn Canyon.

Day 4 : Visit of a vestige

Take the train for Turkestan and a day to make a little tour of the city and complete the visit of the mausoleum, the only example of timurid architecture in the country.

Day 5 : In the footsteps of space exploration

Visit to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, only possible if you have obtained the necessary authorizations from an approved agency.

Day 6 : Heading for Aralsk

Long train journey to Aralsk. Survey the old port, stroll among the carcasses of ships.

Day 7 : Stroll on the Aralsk dam

Take a look at the waves on the dam which allows you to go up to Kazakh side at sea level.

Day 8 : Arrival in Aktau

One day will be more than enough to go around the city. But make time during this stage to recover from long train journeys and take the opportunity to increase your excursions to the Mangyshlak Peninsula, Fort-Chevchenko or to search for underground mosques in the region. Unless you prefer to stroll along the beaches along the Caspian Sea.

Day 9 : Fabulous natural setting

Excursions to the Mangyshlak Peninsula. You have the choice between visiting Fort-Chevchenko or searching for the underground mosques in the region

Day 10 : Excursion by sea

Visit the beaches on the edge of the Caspian Sea.

Day 11 : Cap on the capital

Flight for Astana. First contact with the new capital.

Day 12 : Visit of Astana

Even if you are not sensitive to the architecture of Astana, please play the game: Take a tour at the beach, stroll through the park, browse the government area and climb at the top of the Baiterek tower. Finally, go shopping in the city's ultra-modern shopping centre.

Day 13 : Visits to nuclear test sites

Bus trip to Semey, one of the most interesting stops in the country. Visit the quadrilateral where the 500 nuclear tests took place,

Day 14 : Museum day

Do not miss in town the Dostoyevsky Museum, the Abaï Museum, the Fine Arts Museum.

Day 15 : Stroll in the city of Semey

Multiply the walks along the river and up to the nuclear memorial.

Day 16 : Direction the east of the country

In the morning, flight to Ust-Kamenogorsk and a walk in the city.

Day 17 : Departure in the Altai Mountains

Departure, provided you have the necessary authorizations, for a short hike in the Altai Mountains on foot or on horseback.

Day 18 : Lost in nature

Second day of hiking. Enjoy one of the most beautiful regions of the country.

Day 19 : Direction Karaganda

One day will be enough to visit the ecomuseum and take a tour of the surroundings.

Day 20 : Departure on an excursion

Take your exploration a step further with the local Nomadic agency, which is stepping up its commendable efforts to showcase the region's natural resources.

Day 21 : Crossing the steppes

In Karaganda, take the Talgo from Astana to Almaty, for a tour in TGV in the Kazakh steppe.

Day 22 : Evening in Almaty

You still have a small evening in Almaty before you leave, so much better: The city is full of cultural activities or opportunities for outings.

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