Secret lands of Eritrea

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From Asmara, we will take the direction of the coast to go on a trip on the paradise islands. Then, direction the land or you can admire the magnificent scenery.

Except for the Dahlaks Islands for which the permit is simple to obtain, the other destinations of this itinerary sometimes involve travelling into a group of 5 persons via an agency, in order to obtain travel permits.

Photo gallery

<p>The towers of the Orthodox Cathedral, the steeple of the Catholic Cathedral and the minaret of the Great Mosque testify to the religious diversity in the country.</p> <p>Landscape on a road from Asmara to Keren.</p> <p>Keren from the top, from the Egyptian fort.</p> <p>Beautiful arches and balconies in the old town building.</p> <p>Group of children taking the place of the port.</p> <p>Arrival in the port of Massawa.</p> <p>Great Mosque in Asmara.</p> <p>One of the many Italian villas in the capital of Eritrea.</p> <p>Panoramic view of Asmara from the cathedral tower.</p> <p>Roman Catholic Cathedral.</p>

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Details of the stay: Secret lands of Eritrea - 14 days

Day 1 : City visit "above clouds"

Start by making your travel license applications to the Department of Tourism on Harnet Avenue. Once mission accomplished, place Asmara's visit! Villas Art Decco, cafes out of time and markets for seeds and crafts are the program. At the end of the afternoon you will get your licenses and then go to the Holy Mary Cathedral to climb up the bell tower and enjoy the sunset.

Day 2 : Cap on Keren

Morning in Asmara, then route for Keren just after lunch. Arrival in Keren before dark.

Day 3 : Walk in the city's various markets and souk

Discovery of this city of markets. If you're on a Monday, don't miss the camels market that attracts merchants across the country. Then, direction the main market that takes place at the entrance to the city right next to the bridge, where the sellers of wood, wicker, spices and even tinkering Made in China! Stop for lunch and enjoy the local specialty: . In the afternoon, stroll through the and let yourself be immersed in the arabisante atmosphere of the city.

Day 4 : Excursion to tropical forest

Route to Massawa via Filfil. Since paved, the road winds through the mountains and offers sumptuous landscapes. You will be able to stop on the road to make a short walk in the tropical forest of Filfil where there is a great chance that you will croisiez green monkeys and baboons groups.

Day 5 : Port city of Massawa

Day in Massawa. Take a minibus to go to the mainland of the city where the market is held every morning. In the afternoon, discover the old town and the mythical port of Massawa and make sure you are in its streets at dusk, at a time when the city and its inhabitants are leaving their torpor.

Day 6 : Crossing towards the Dahlaks Islands

Embark on a sambuck and set the course on the Dahlaks Islands to navigate the Red Sea in the footsteps of travellers like Joseph Kessel and Henry de Monfreid.

Day 7 : Day Paradise

White Sand, turquoise sea and fresh fish at all meals are what awaits you in this archipelago.

Day 8 : Relaxation and underwater activity

Relax on the beaches of désertes and multicolores coral.

Day 9 : Return on land

Last swim before recovering the continent in mid afternoon. Enjoy the late afternoon to discover the old town of Massawa. At night, the city and its inhabitants are gradually waking up; it is a magical spectacle, not lacking under any pretext.

Day 10 : Crossing towards Asmara

Return to Asmara via Ghinda. Stop on the Red Sea Pension of Ghinda to sample their delicious yogurt yaourts.

Day 11 : Ruins of a distant empire

Route for Senafe. On the road, stop at Qua'atit to visit the axumites ruins, then continue your route to the Ethiopian border where you will spend the night.

Day 12 : Majestic Sunrise

A aurores awakening is required to climb Amba Metera before dawn. Once at the top, you will only have to admire the rising sun, tinting mountains of various colors. Then take the road to Asmara and stop in the sycamore valley before returning to the capital in the afternoon.

Day 13 : Travel out of time on a steam train

Embark on one of the latest steam trains in the world for an unforgettable experience (attention: the train only leaves on Sunday). Returning to Asmara will take a tour to the Medabar, this ancient caravanserail where the metal is recycled today. End with a traditional dinner in one of the capital's restaurants.

Day 14 : Last hours in Eritrea

Take advantage of this last day to shop in the various markets in Asmara before taking the direction of the airport.

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