One week in Azerbaijan

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An ancient stage of the Silk road, Azerbaijan is a country with multiple faces that keeps traces of a long and rich history between East and west, between tradition and modernity. A week of change to predict!

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<p>View of the old town from the tower of the virgin.</p> Museum of the Carpets. General view of Sheki. <p>Landscape of Kish.</p> <p>Temple of Fire.</p> <p>Museum of Applied Arts.</p>

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  • Baku
  • Surakhany
  • Shuvalan
  • Shamakhi
  • Lahij
  • Sheki
  • Kish
  • Ordubad
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Details of the stay: One week in Azerbaijan - 7 days

Day 1 : First steps in Baku

Arrival in Baku, where the day can be devoted to exploring the old town: the mosques, the palace of the Shah, the tower of the Virgin.

Day 2 : Visit of Baku

Also in Baku, discover the city of the oil boom, the promenade along the Caspian Sea, some of the many museums in the city (history museum, Nizami museum and museum museum, especially).

Day 3 : On the road to Shaki

Departure to Shaki. Several stops are possible along the road, in Shamakhi (where one can visit a beautiful mosque as well as a very old Muslim cemetery) and in Lahij, a small mountain village with cobbled streets, where crafts have remained very lively.

Day 4 : Shaki and its architecture

Shaki, its fortress, its splendid palace, its churches converted into museums, its magnificent caravanserai transformed into a charming hotel. We can finish the day in Kish, a small mountain village with an astonishing Albanian church dating from the first century of our era.

Day 5 : View of the Caucasus

From Kish, a beautiful hike in a valley allows you to reach an old fortress with a view of the snowy summits in the Caucasus. Return to Baku.

Day 6 : The Absheron peninsula

Located around Baku, it treasures treasures of architecture and natural phenomena. Spontaneous flames, fire temple, th-century watch towers... and, for a well-deserved break, the beaches of Pirshagi or Shuvalan.

Day 7 : Last day in the capital

A few hours in Baku, to discover the bazaar, explore some additional museums or simply stroll in the old town or along the Caspian sea, at the rhythm of local crowds.

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