The Algiers

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One week to discover Algiers and its region. You will be able to walk around taking your time and enjoy the sweetness of life in Algeria. Finally, a short excursion outside the city will allow you to appreciate the diversity of the landscapes of the interior and the coast.

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<p>View of the city of Algiers.</p> <p>View of the Basilica of Notre-Dame Africa.</p> Remains of the ancient city of Tipasa. <p>Public garden of Blida.</p> View of the old quarter of the Navy. Le Tantonville coffee, port said public garden. <p>Tuareg Tuareg</p>

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  • Tamanrasset
  • Algiers
  • Tipasa
  • Cherchell
  • Blida
  • Parc National de Chréa
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Details of the stay: The Algiers - 7 days

Day 1 : Discovery of the colonial city

Visit of Algiers and the colonial city: Didouche Mourad Street and its succession of neoclassical buildings, Khemisti Boulevard and the Grande Poste, Isly Street and Emir Abdelkader Square, the Sacred Heart... In the afternoon: visit of the Antiquities Museum, Maqam Ech Chahid (monument to the martyrs) and the mythical Test Garden, recently reopened.

Day 2 : Visit of the old town, the Casbah

Visit of the Casbah, its labyrinth of alleys, its mosques, its Ottoman palaces and the mausoleum Sidi Abderrahmane. Lunch in the fishery. Visit of Bastion 23 and walk on the seafront (mosque El-Kabir and El-Khanzan).

Day 3 : Between landscape landscape and archaeological exploration.

Departure early in the morning for Tipasa and Tenes by the coastal road. Discovery of the coastline and the Algérois Sahel, its beautiful beaches, its coves, its small fishing ports and its villages with typical colonial architecture, as well as the magnificent Mount Chenoua, located between Tipasa and Tenes. Visit of ancient sites. Night in Tipasa.

Day 4 : From city to city inside the land

Excursion to the interior of the land: tomb of the Christian, BlidaChrea and the Gorges gorges (Monkeys Brook...). Return to Algiers late in the afternoon.

Day 5 : Art in Algiers

Visit of the Mujahideen Museum. A short distance from the Esplanade Riadh El-Feth, a small incursion into one or other of the cities of Diar El-Mahçoul and Diar Es-Saada will allow you to discover one of the many achievements of the architect Fernand Pouillon in Algeria. Finish the day with the Fine Arts Museum, which houses the works of Algerian painters, miniaturists and plastic artists such as Baya, Racim, Khadda, Issiakhem..

Day 6 : A walk on the heights of the city

The day can start with a visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of Africa, located on the heights of the Bologhine district (formerly St. Eugene) and continue with a walk in the heart of the legendary and very popular Bab El-Oued district, located further down. Discover the hectic Place des Trois-Horloges, the old Spanish quarter, the Basetta, the covered markets, the Sidi-Abderrahmane mausoleum, on the borders of the Kasbah..

In the afternoon, you will enjoy the gentle lifestyle of the city's heights, the peaceful Kennedy Square designed in the neo-Moorish style and the shaded alleys of El-Biar, the panoramic view of the bay from the tranquil Saint-Raphaël balcony. During a walk on one or the other of the paths going down to the Telemly, it is the opportunity to see here and there, behind the palm trees or the bougainvilleas, of cosy Moorish or neo-Moorish villas..

Day 7 : Last day in Algiers

Shopping in Algiers and relax in the garden of Hotel El-Djazaïr or on the terrace of Hotel Aurassi.

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