Algeria, a country with many faces

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If one has only one week for a stay in Algeria with no particular theme, it is interesting to have an idea of the diversity of the landscapes and sites that make up the country. After having visited Algiers and its mythical Kasbah, one can thus envisage a tour to discover the Roman site of Timgad and the first oases of Biskra and Touggourt, the M'Zab valley before returning to Algiers via the oases of Laghouat and Bou Saada

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View of the city of Algiers. The old Thamugadi. Timgad, Africaine Africaine. Tombs of the family of Sheikh Sidi Daikh. Old Town mozabite, Oasis Oasis View of the Basilica of Notre-Dame Africa.

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  • Timgad
  • Biskra
  • Bou Saada
  • Laghouat
  • Ghardaïa
  • Beni-Isguen
  • Touggourt
  • Algiers
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Details of the stay: Algeria, a country with many faces - 7 days

Day 1 : Discovering the Capital

Visit of Algiers, its main monuments and sites (the waterfront, the Great Post Office, the Test Garden, Notre-Dame-d'Afrique, the Kasbah...). Night in Algiers.

Day 2 : Road to the African Pompei

Departure for Timgad, night in Timgad.

Day 3 : Crossing the breathtaking landscape of Algeria

Visit of the archaeological site of Timgad the morning and departure for Touggourt by passing through the mountains of the Aurès, the Balconies of the Rhoufi and the oasis of Biskra. Night in Touggourt.

Day 4 : Oasis of Touggourt

Visit of Touggourt and its surroundings: Temacine and Tamalhat stop at the Zaouïa Tidjania. Night in Touggourt.

Day 5 : Road to Beni-Isguen

Departure for Least. Night in one of the hostels in the palm grove of Beni-Isguen.

Day 6 : Visit of the palm grove

Walk in the Beni Isguen palm grove and discover the water sharing system, visit the Holy City of Beni-Isguen and El Ateuf, Melika, Ghardaia... Overnight in the palm grove.

Day 7 : Last day in Algeria

Return to Algiers via Laghouat and Bou Saada: visit of the ksar and the Nasreddine Dinet museum.

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