Culture and beaches in Albania

  • 20 days
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Couple
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Culture / Heritage
  • Faune and flora
  • Relaxation / Well-being
  • Medium

Three-week circuit in Albania, to discover the Albanian Riviera and the country's major sites.

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Château de Saranda. . Gjirokastra, the "stone town". City of Gjirokastra. City of Gjirokastra. In the streets of the. district. Town of Berat. Old quarter of Berat. The road on the Riviera. The road on the Riviera. Village of Vuno. . Plage beach. Promenade de Saranda. Butrint National Park. . city centre.

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  • Fier
  • Berat
  • Vlora
  • Dhërmi
  • Vuno
  • Himarë
  • Porto Palermo
  • Borsh
  • Saranda
  • Ksamil
  • Butrint
  • Gjirokastra
  • Radhima
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Details of the stay: Culture and beaches in Albania - 20 days

Day 1 : Relax in Corfu

Arrival at Corfu (UNESCO), night in Corfu. 

Day 2 : Departure for Albania

Crossing Corfu-Saranda by boat, night in Saranda

Day 3 : Seaside resort of Saranda

Saranda and beach of Ksamil, night in Saranda

Day 4 : Road to Gjirokastra

Route Saranda-Gjirokastra (UNESCO), night in Gjirokastra.

Day 5 : Gjirokastra, one of the most beautiful cities in Albania

Walk in the stone streets of Gjirokastra (UNESCO). Overnight in Gjirokastra

Day 6 : Around Gjirokastra

The surroundings of Gjirokastra, night in Gjirokastra.

Day 7 : Cap sur Berat

Route-Berat (UNESCO), night in Berat

Day 8 : Berat, a city with turbulent history

Berat (UNESCO), night in Berat

Day 9 : Travel out of time

Citadelle Citadel (UNESCO), night in Berat

Day 10 : Between sea and mountains

Route Berat-Vlora with visit to the surroundings of Fier, night in Vlora or Radhimë

Day 11 : Turquoise water in Vlora

Vlora and beaches in southern Vlora, overnight in Vlora or Radhimë.

Day 12 : Observation of the fauna and flora in Sazan

Beaches of the island of Sazan, night in Vlora or Radhimë.

Day 13 : Excursion to Logara

Logara National Park, night at Logara pass.

Day 14 : Lazing around on the beaches

Beaches of the Albanian Riviera, night in Vuno or Dhërmi

Day 15 : Blue water and fine sand

Beaches of the Albanian Riviera, night in Himara or Porto Palermo

Day 16 : Dive into the waters of Albanian beaches

Beaches of the Albanian Riviera, night in Borsh or Qeparo

Day 17 : Relaxation in Saranda

Beaches of the Saranda region, night in Saranda

Day 18 : Archaeological site of Butrint

Butrint (UNESCO) and Plage beach, night in Saranda.

Day 19 : Return to Corfu

Saranda-Corfu crossing and beaches of Corfu city (UNESCO).

Day 20 : Last hours in Greece

Corfu and departure.

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