Kabul and Central Afghanistan

  • 8 days
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Solo
  • Couple
  • Friends
  • Culture / Heritage
  • Discovery
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In the event of a short stay, we must give priority to the visit of Bamiyan and Band-e-Amir, which already requires a small week by taking the journeys (shorter if you find a place on a plane!). The rest of the trips will be as Kabul and the surrounding area.

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<p>View of Kabul from the hill of Wazir Akbar Khan.</p> On the left, site of one of the two Buddhas destroyed in 2001 by the Taliban. <p>The Bamiyan Valley.</p> <p>Campaign in the vicinity of Bamiyan.</p> <p>Mausoleum of Ahmad Shah Massoud, leader of Afghan resistance against the Soviets.</p> <p>Jardins Gardens where the emperor of the same name is buried.</p>

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  • Kabul
  • Istalif
  • Bamiyan
  • Band-E-Amir
  • Ghazni
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Details of the stay: Kabul and Central Afghanistan - 8 days

Day 1 : Discovery of Kabul

In the morning, walk on the ramparts of Kabul to admire the view across the city, and descent to the gardens of Babur. Stop picnic. In the afternoon, visit the National Museum and the Darulaman district. Sunset on the hill to kites.

Day 2 : Idyllic landscapes in the vicinity of Istalif

From Kabul, one day excursion to Istalif and lunch on site. In the afternoon, take the walk that overlooks the village. Don't forget to bring pottery to the corner. Night in Kabul.

Day 3 : Departure for the Bamiyan Valley

Departure by car to Bamiyan if you do not have the possibility to take the plane. You have to leave very early, because a breakdown on the road is always possible. We count 7 hours of driving. Take a lunch break in Goohrband, a small Pashtun village, if the security conditions are sufficient. If you arrive in the afternoon, you should take the opportunity to walk on the heights of Bamiyan. Overnight in one of the hotels in Bamiyan.

Day 4 : Traces of the Buddhas

Visit, on foot, of the site of the Buddhas; 1 hour 30 will suffice. Then take the car to go to Shar-e-Zohak, the red city, destroyed by Genghis Khan's men during their devastating passage. A 30-minute drive from the centre of Bamiyan. Climb at the top of the old citadel to admire the Bamiyan valley. If you have time, take a tour in the dragons valley, Daria Adjahar, 8 km from Bamiyan on the route of Band-e-Amir. Dinner at Silk Road Restaurant.

Day 5 : Dive into the deep blue of the lakes of Band-e-Amir

Departure at dawn from Bamiyan to the lakes of Band-e-Amir. It is not possible to sleep there or have lunch there, plan a picnic. In Band-e-Amir, go around the lakes, swim if possible. Return to Bamiyan in the evening. Night in Bamiyan.

Day 6 : Return to Kabul

Craft shopping and dinner at the Taverna of Lebanon to recover from the hours of the road!

Day 7 : Escape in the Panjshir Valley to the mausoleum of Massoud

Start early in the morning from Kabul to the Panjshir Valley. 3 hours of road. Visit of the mausoleum of Ahmad Shah Massoud, leader of Afghan resistance against the Soviets. Lunch in a tchaikhana on the river Panjshir. In the afternoon, walking in the small villages hanging over the mountains. Night in Kabul.

Day 8 : Last day shopping in Kabul

Last purchase of souvenirs in Chicken Street, the street where you can find all kinds of gifts to report on your trip. Stroll through the bazaar of Kabul. Glass in the bar Le Divan (The Atmosphere).

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