One week in Leipzig

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Leipzig is not a city that delivers its soul in a day. It takes you a week to understand a share of its deep points of interest, its different neighbourhoods, its quality of life, its different aspects.

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  • Leipzig
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Details of the stay: One week in Leipzig - 7 days

Day 1 : The inescapable

Discovery of the city centre, its main streets. Visit of St. Nicholas and St. Thomas churches, the Bach Museum, discovery of the Markt, City hall, station and university. Take the elegant merchant passages. Evening in the exit area of the Gottschedstrasse, adjoining the city centre.

Day 2 : Leipzig and its communist history

Following in the footsteps of Leipzig's communist past, visit the Stasi Museum and the City Museum. In the afternoon, take over the Südvorstadt, discover its elegant Belle Époque streets. Cafés, terraces, shops, take your time. Take a walk in the Auenwald, the forest park, stroll along the Elster River promenade and enjoy the parks. In the evening, go out in this lively and hedonistic district.

Day 3 : Popular and artistic districts

Direction Leipzig West and the industrial district of Plagwitz-Lindenau. Discover the factories, the canals. Visit the Baumwollspinnerei artists' district and the Westerwerk gallery. In the summer, discover the district from the canals by renting a boat. In the evening, outing, concert or coffee on Karl-Heine-Strasse.

Day 4 : Relaxation day

Visit to the Museum of Fine Arts. Then go to Gohlis, a former bourgeois district, with its lovely little castle, park and Schiller's house. At the end of the day, approach Leipzig from the shopping side between the station and the city centre, a gigantic shopping area. In the evening, spend a musical evening in the famous Gewandhaus concert hall.

Day 5 : Swimming and shifted evening

Excursion south of Leipzig in the new lake plateau of the city (with swimming in the beautiful season, restaurant in glass bay if it does not beautiful). Let's start with the Cospudener See which touches the city. Then discover the brand new marina of the brand new Zwenkauer See, a little more south. In the evening, stop in Connewitz, a punko-anarchist neighborhood, to hear about the alternative life of Leipzig, where there are plenty of bars.

Day 6 : Napoleonic visit

Visit the astonishing and terrifying monument of the Battle of Nations outside the city. In the meantime, discover the exhibition space of the Soviet era and the Russian Orthodox Church. Then spend your afternoon in Reudnitz/Graphisches Viertel, a former neighbourhood district. Visit Mendelssohn-Hindemith's house. Return for an exit in the Südvorstadt.

Day 7 : The surroundings of Leipzig

Excursion to Halle (Saale), discover the city of Haedel, with its pretty city centre, castle, cathedral, old streets and the charming banks of the Saale. Halfway between the two cities is the Leipzig Fairgrounds (Mass). If there is a trade fair, do not hesitate to discover this impressive complex. In the evening, out to Plagwitz.

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