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"Egypt is a gift of the Nile" believed at that time the Greek historian Herodotus. According to the traditional image, descending the Nile is to follow from the south to the north the sap of a long lotus stem (1,200 km) and leads to its blossoming flower: the delta. The latter has its mouth in Cairo and its petals border on the Mediterranean. This cruise will take you to the most beautiful wonders of an exceptional civilization. 

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<p>Overview of the west bank facing Luxor.</p> <p>Small shop of a photographer also CD seller.</p> Temple of Luxor and Abu el-Haqqaq mosque. <p>Temple of Horus.</p> Temple of Kôm-Ombo. <p>Nubian Village of Aswan.</p> <p>Temple of Hathor and Néfertari on shore of Lake Nasser.</p> Temple of Luxor.

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  • Luxor
  • Gourna - Thèbes Ouest
  • Esna
  • Edfou
  • Kôm-Ombo
  • Aswan
  • Philae
  • Abou Simbel
  • Siwa
  • Île Éléphantine
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Details of the stay: 8 days on the Nile - 8 days

Day 1 : From the plane to the boat

Arrival in Luxor, reception and transfer aboard your boat, dinner and night on board.


Day 2 : In the necropolis of Thebes

After breakfast on board, visit of the necropolis of Thebes on the west bank of the Nile, followed by the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens, where we can find the tombs of many pharaohs of the New Empire, as well as their families and noble in favor. Visits continue with the Colossi of Memnon, last remains of the temple of Amenhotep III and Deir el Bahari, the funerary temple of Queen Hatchepsut. Dug out of the rock in the mountain of Thebes, the protective goddess of women is one of the four pharaohs to have ruled Egypt. In the evening, sound and light show at the temples of Luxor and Karnak

Day 3 : Temple of Esna

Early in the morning, visit of the southern part of the old Thebes with the temples of Karnak and Luxor. The two temples are connected by a dromos, a long alley lined with sphinx, and dedicated to Amun. The temple with three enclosures of Karnak itself is part of the religious complex of Karnak, a complex that includes the ruins of other temples, buildings, and towers. dinner and night on board.

Day 4 : Edfou, the temple of God Horus

Arrival in Edfou, horse-drawn carriage ride to the temple of Edfou, further inland. This temple of the falcon God Horus is both the largest temple of the Ptolemies dynasty and the second sanctuary of Egypt in size after Karnak. Inside, the intact paintings, inscriptions and reliefs make it the best preserved temple in Egypt. Return to the boat and go up the river to Kom Ombo.

Day 5 : Kom-Ombo - Aswan

Head to the Kom-Ombo temple, dedicated to the gods Sobek and Haroeris. Built on a hill by three Ptolemies, the temple is surrounded by an enclosing wall covered with reliefs. Inside, the space is divided into two parts: that of the North devoted to Haroéris the hawk-headed god and that of the South to Sobek, the crocodile god. Return to the boat and sail to Aswan.

Day 6 : Aswan

Arrival in Aswan in the early morning, and then departure for the visit of the Isis temple of the Philaé island. Started with the pharaoh Nectanébo I during the XXXth dynasty and finished by the Romans, this is the main sanctuary dedicated to Isis. After Philaé, the visits continue to the high dam and the unfinished obelisk. In the granite quarry, you will find the greatest obelisk known to date (41,75 m), whose size was abandoned as a result of a crack in the rock. In the afternoon, fellucca ride around Elephantine Island, which used to be a fortress.

Day 7 : Temple of Abu Simbel

Excursion by car or by plane to visit the Abu Simbel temples, built by Ramesses II. In the late afternoon, sailing to Luxor through Kom-Ombo, Edfou and Esna.

Day 8 : Landing, embarkation

Breakfast on board, landing and transfer to Luxor airport. Boarding for Paris. 

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