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A tour in Cairo is the gateway, the first ideal step for a trip to Egypt, an introduction to Egyptian culture, old and modern at the same time, before exploring the south of the country. Ancient Egypt begins in Cairo with its Giza pyramids, its Sphinx and its famous Egyptian Museum, which are unmissable. 

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<p>The largest city on the African continent.</p> <p>Cairo, nicknamed &amp;quot;La victorieuse&amp;quot;.</p> <p>El-Refai mosque.</p>

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Details of the stay: 4 days in Cairo - 4 days

Day 1 : Arrival in Cairo in the morning

 Here is an ideal route for a first day. 

- Giza pyramids, solar boat. Then, visit of the Kephren pyramid or the red pyramid of Dahchour.
- The Mosques Sultan Hassan and El Rifai, exceptional architecture

- In the evening, stroll through the Khan el Khalili souk, or on the Nile by Fellucca.

Day 2 : Toutankamon treasure,

The day can start with the Cairo Museum, you can spend hours without seeing everything. If you arrive at the opening, start on the first floor to avoid all groups gathered in front of the Rosetta Stone (which is a reproduction). Go directly to the treasure of Toutankamon, we can enjoy the places serenely with emotion that goes well, because the reconstitution of the various sarcophagi shows at the same time, the work, the devotion and the importance of Pharaoh at that time. Continue your visit to the ground floor, very rich but crowded. If you are hungry, many restaurants are in the vicinity, with lots of grills and other specialities in Cairo. They serve at all times. 

- A digestive walk in the {1}city centre{/1}.

Day 3 : Around Cairo

Head to the magnificent Saqqara site to start the day. Visit of the pyramids of Dahchour (older than Guiseh as built by Snefru the father of Cheops), then descent into the red pyramid. 

Day 4 : Coptic Cairo and Islamic Cairo

Christian journey. Put the knee at Alexandria, land of the preaching of Saint Mark, Saint Athanase, Saint Cyril (one day). Go to the monasteries of Wadi Natroun, Amba Bichoï, Syriani and Saint-Macaire, to join the Fayoum (one day and night in Fayoum). In the footsteps of the Fayoum portraits, tower of the oasis, passage through the monasteries Saint Siméon and Archangel-Gabriel, and visit of the rooms of the Egyptian Museum of Cairo (one and a half day). Coptic Cairo: the Mari Guirguis district, the Coptic Museum, the Saint-Théodose Monastery in Cairo fatimide, and the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate (one day). The land of the Exodus: Ismaïlia and Timsah lake (one day).


Islamic journey. Visit of Cairo: departure from Khan El-Khalili, descent to Bab El-Foutouh, Madrassa El-Ashraf Barsbay, El-Salih madrassa, monuments of Qalaoon, Sabile-Kouttab, El-Aqmar Mosque, Darb El-Asfar, Beit El-Sehemi, El-Hakim Mosque, Bab El-Foutouh and the Fatimids walls, Bab El-Nasr street (one day). Around Al-Azhar: the great El-Azhar Mosque, Beit Zeinab Khatoun, Beit Harawi; and go back to Bab Zoueila: La Ghourya, Beit Gamal El-Din El-Dahabi, El-Mouayyed mosque, Bab Zoueila, Salih Talai mosque, El-Maridani mosque, Aqsunqur mosque called "blue" (one day). Around the citadel: Madrassa Sultan Hassan, follow the El-Souyoufiya street, the Ibn Touloun mosque, the Gayer Anderson Museum, go to the citadel, Mohammed Ali mosque, En-Nasir Mohammed mosque; and walk through the City of the dead: khanga Sultan Barqouq, Qaïtbay mausoleum, El-Chafeï mausoleum, Sayyeda Rouqeiya mausoleum, Bimâristan; Roda nilometer, and visit the Islamic Museum to complete the tour (two days).

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