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Lazing on the beach or visiting the most important tourist sites, it's not too much your cup of tea. You prefer to travel off the beaten track in search of greater authenticity, even if it means sacrificing a little comfort on the way. Hiking to the top of the Great Island at Andringitra and an unusual railway experience are on the programme of this one-week to ten-day itinerary.

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Antananarivo The tropical charm of Sainte-Marie The dam allows you to get to the south of the island from Ambodifotatra, Sainte-Marie <p>Grows in Manakara</p> Between Fianarantsoa and Ambalavao. Rice fields Antananarivo

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  • Tana - Antananarivo
  • Manakara
  • Sainte-Marie
  • Antsirabe
  • Ambositra
  • Fianarantsoa
  • Parc National de Ranomafana
  • Ambalavao
  • Parc National de l'Andringitra
  • Morondava
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Details of the stay: Exotic adventures - 11 days

Day 1 : Tananarive

Arrival in Tananarive. Walk on the pavés of the high city from Independence Square to the Queen's Palace to embrace the surrounding sacred hills, Fort Voyron, the Zoologique zoological and botanical park, Mahamasina stadium or the Anosy and Mandroseza lakes. Night in Tananarive.

Day 2 : Ambositra

Departure from good morning towards the south to win Ambositra via Antsirabe. A journey of at least six hours by the RN 7 through the Highlands. With its beautiful brick or peaks houses and surrounding mountains, Ambositra is a pleasant step to cut the long journey to the Andringitra in two.

Day 3 : Ambalavao

The southward descent continues on the RN7. After three hours of driving, we arrived in Fianarantsoa. One more hour and here you are in Ambalavao, the symbolic exit gate from the Highlands and the last stop before heading off on an adventure in the Andringitra massif. It is in this village known for its large zebu market that you will spend the night

Day 4 : Andringitra

Andringitra Park is about fifty kilometres from Ambalavao. You have earned the right to venture with a guide into a superb granite massif suitable for long walks and completely off the beaten track. The must is then to set off on a two-day excursion to attack Bobby Peak (2,658 m), the highest accessible peak on the island

Day 5 : Andringitra

Ideally, camp at the foot of Bobby Peak before dark and do the two-hour ascent in the early morning. At the top, superb panoramic view of the valley. The path to arrive and leave from the peak is also worth a visit with natural swimming pools and a moon-like plateau. Return to the park gates at the end of the day.

Day 6 : Fianarantsoa

Return to the RN 7 in Ambalavao to go north to Fianarantsoa. Visit of the old town on the hills, with its huts with carved wood balconies, narrow alleys and numerous towers. Night on site before taking the next morning the train for Manakara for an unforgettable journey.

Day 7 : Manakara

The Fianarantsoa-Manakara FCE railway line is the only one still in operation on the island today. All the more reason to board a timeless train for an unusual 170 km journey through fabulous landscapes. Seventeen stations mark the route and offer an amazing flow of goods at each stop. Arrival in Manakara late in the evening

Day 8 : Manakara

After a day on the train, Manakara can be visited very well on foot. The former colonial district of Manakara Be and its avenues along the lagoon are only accessible through this route. An alternative is to take a canoe trip on the Pangalanes Canal to meet shark fishermen

Day 9 : Manakara - Tananarive

Long return by road via Fianarantsoa, Ambositra and Antsirabe before arriving in Tananarive before sunset. A one-day trip through the Highlands on a paved road is perfectly feasible if you book your taxi for several people.

Day 10 : Tananarive

Last full day in Tananarive. The ultimate opportunity to take a look at the Andravoahangy market, northeast of downtown, and the Analakely covered market, in the lower town, to fill up on memories. In the evening, dinner in the city's best restaurants, most of which are located between the upper and lower cities

Day 11 : Tananarive

Return flight, possibly taking advantage of the artisanal market of La Digue on the way to the airport.

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