The tour of the must-see

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  • Spring
  • Summer
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A straightforward, no-frills itinerary for those who want to enjoy the main local tourist attractions without spending long hours on the road. Allée des baobabs, Tsingy de Bemaraha, Nosy Be archipelago and whales of Sainte-Marie, the magic quartet of Malagasy tourism is easily accessible in less than two weeks thanks to air links

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Antananarivo Antananarivo Beautiful dhow, Morondava Zébu tank, route between Belo-sur-Tsiribihina and Morondava Great Tsingy of Bemaraha Cuba's tropical beach. The port of Alexandria. North Coast of Madeira. Tropical Charm of Sainte-Marie Sunset in Mahajanga Paddy paddy Antananarivo Antananarivo

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  • Tana - Antananarivo
  • Sainte-Marie
  • Hell-Ville - Andoany
  • Belo-Sur-Tsiribihina
  • Tsingy De Bemaraha
  • Morondava
  • Majunga - Mahajanga
  • Andilana
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Details of the stay: The tour of the must-see - 13 days

Day 1 : Tananarive

Arrival in Tananarive. Walk on the pavés of the high city from Independence Square to the Queen's Palace to embrace the surrounding sacred hills, Fort Voyron, the Zoologique zoological and botanical park, Mahamasina stadium or the Anosy and Mandroseza lakes. Night in Tananarive.

Day 2 : Allée des Baobabs des baobabs

One hour flight for Morondava on the west coast. Transfer of kilometers by road to the legendary alley of baobabs. This is the country's most photographed site with its majestic alignment of three of the seven endemic species of Madagascar. Don't forget to surprise the two amoureux baobabs. Return to Morondava after sunset.

Day 3 : Bekopaka

Departure to the north to reach Belo-sur-Tsiribihina. After three hours of driving, lunch and visit of the local market. There are still 90 kilometres of track to go to Bekopaka, on the other side of the Manambolo River, which is crossed by ferry or canoe. Tsingy National Park is nearby. Night in Bekopaka.

Day 4 : De de Bemaraha

Morning walk in the labyrinth of the little Tsingy of Bemaraha, nice taste of the big, then descent into canoes in the afternoon in the steep gorges of the river Manambolo. In the evening, walking in the surrounding forest in search and listening to nocturnal animals, including lemurs with green eyes. Night in Bekopaka.

Day 5 : Tsingy of Bemaraha

A rather sporty morning hike in the Great Tsingy with ladders, carabiners and harnesses to climb this majestic limestone cathedral, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once at the top you will discover one of the most beautiful geological spectacles ever produced by nature. Transfer back in the afternoon to Morondava.

Day 6 : Tananarive - Nosy Be

Flight to Nosy Be (1h30) via Tananarive (1h). Once you arrive at Fascène airport, you can take a trip to Hell-Ville, the archipelago's capital, to stroll around the old port, or head directly to Ambatokala or Andilana to pack your bags and enjoy the island's most beautiful beaches

Day 7 : Nosy Be

In Nosy Be, there are beaches of course, but it is also possible to have a good time by visiting a ylang-ylang distillery (a tree of the Annonaceae family, whose distilled flower is used in perfumery) or by strolling in the Lokobe nature reserve, in the southeast of the island, to meet lemurs, chameleons and large reptiles.

Day 8 : Nosy Tanikely

One hour by boat from Nosy Be is Nosy Tanikely Island, a kind of giant aquarium for snorkeling or diving. The coral reef is populated by turtles, clownfish, groupers, barracudas and other morays frolicking in bright water. The beaches are an invitation to swim. No accommodation on site

Day 9 : Tananarive - Sainte-Marie

Flight back to Tananarive (1h30) before getting back on the plane towards Sainte-Marie (1h flight) which anchors quietly off the east coast. Once you land on the tiny airport located in the very south of the island, it's hard not to fall in love with this small piece of land all in length

Day 10 : Sainte-Marie

The main attraction of Sainte-Marie is the great spectacle of humpback whales that come to reproduce or put down each year between July and September in the canal separating the small island from the Great Island. The females will then leave in groups with their calves to the southern seas, well-escorted by the males.

Day 11 : Saint Mary

In addition to the must-see whale watching trip, Sainte-Marie offers many activities for those who don't want to linger on the magnificent beaches that surround the island. Snorkeling, diving, visit of the pirate cemetery, mountain biking.... Ile aux Nattes, which can be reached by pirogue from the southern tip, is also an unmissable attraction.

Day 12 : Tananarive

Flight to Tananarive to avoid the endless return by boat and then by bush taxi which would make you lose all day. Once back in the capital, visit the Andravoahangy market, northeast of the city centre, and the Analakely covered market in the lower town to fill up with souvenirs. Last night in Tananarive

Day 13 : Tananarive

Return flight, possibly taking advantage of the artisanal market of La Digue on the way to the airport.

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