Hunt the natural Malagasy

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Detached from the African continent several tens of millions of years ago, Madagascar is home to a fauna and flora like nowhere else with 80 to 90% of endemic species. It is possible to observe a large sample of this exclusive product without multiplying the kilometres by going to discover the forests, the Pangalanes Canal and other wonders of the east coast.

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Antananarivo Andasibe Indri Indri in the national park of Andasibe Colonial architecture of Tamatave Railway bridge near Tamatave The tropical charm of Sainte-Marie Sunset with Mahajanga Rice fields Antananarivo

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  • Tana - Antananarivo
  • Sainte-Marie
  • Andasibe
  • Tamatave - Toamasina
  • Majunga - Mahajanga
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Details of the stay: Hunt the natural Malagasy - 11 days

Day 1 : Tananarive

Arrival in Tananarive. Walk on the pavés of the high city from Independence Square to the Queen's Palace to embrace the surrounding sacred hills, Fort Voyron, the Zoologique zoological and botanical park, Mahamasina stadium or the Anosy and Mandroseza lakes. Night in Tananarive.

Day 2 : Andasibe

By car for the National Park Andasibe-Mantadia a few hours drive east of Tananarive by the RN 2. Visit of the special reserve of Analamazaotra, a forest of pine and eucalyptus, to try to see the indri, the largest of lemurs, whose size can culminate at 1 meters and weigh up to 15 kilos. Night in Andasibe.

Day 3 : Mantadia

After Analamazaotra, it is now the turn of Mantadia National Park to offer itself to your eyes and ears. A new chance to meet the indri and the other species of lemurs that inhabit the area in a more wild and sporty setting. Ornithologists will be delighted to learn that they have the opportunity to observe nearly a hundred species of birds here. Night in Andasibe.

Day 4 : Pangalane Canal

Return on the RN2 towards Tamatave to Lake Rasoabe to discover the Pangalanes Canal, a 650 km waterway built at the end of the 19th century. Cabotage to the north towards the private nature reserve Palmarium to meet lemurs not very shy in the middle of palm trees, acacias and orchids. Overnight on site.

Day 5 : Canal des Pangalanes

Take the boat to the beautiful shores of Lake Ampitabe and discover the site of Ankanin'ny Nofy, another piece of paradise. Fifty hectares of untouched nature from the influence of men with some unique specimens such as plants géantes giant carnivores passifs type Nepenthes. Night in bungalow.

Day 6 : Canal des Pangalanes

Another kilometres to caboter on the Pangalanes Canal before reaching Tamatave, the first commercial port of the island and the capital of the eastern province. The opportunity to regain urban comfort and recover from its emotions away from lemurs and carnivorous plants.

Day 7 : Sainte-Marie

Departure for the island Sainte-Marie, which awaits you quietly near the coast, 150 km north. From the Port-Ivongo port, located four hours drive from Tamatave, you can reach the sea by air. Once on the spot, difficult not to fall in love with this little piece of land all along.

Day 8 : Sainte-Marie

The main attraction of Sainte-Marie is the great spectacle of humpback whales that come to reproduce or put down each year between July and September in the canal separating the small island from the Great Island. The females will then leave in groups with their calves to the southern seas, well escorted by males.

Day 9 : Saint Mary

In addition to the must-see whale watching trip, Sainte-Marie offers many activities for those who don't want to linger on the magnificent beaches that surround the island. Snorkeling, diving, visit of the pirate cemetery, mountain biking.... Ile aux Nattes, which can be reached by pirogue from the southern tip, is also a must see.

Day 10 : Tananarive

Flight to Tananarive to avoid the endless return by boat and then by bush taxi which would make you lose all day. Once back in the capital, visit the Andravoahangy market, northeast of the city centre, and the Analakely covered market in the lower town to fill up with souvenirs. Last night in Tananarive

Day 11 : Tananarive

Return flight, possibly taking advantage of the artisanal market of La Digue on the way to the airport.

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