The country Sakalava: between Tsingy and Baobabs

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The grand classic of the western circuits of the Great Island of Madagascar. Two weeks of various adventures including the descent into the canoe of the Tsiribihina, a pilgrimage in the immense mineral cathedral of the great Tsingy or an unforgettable sunset at the end of the alley of baobabs.

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Antananarivo <p>Cathédrale Cathedral</p> Barge used by travellers to descend Tsiribihina Welcome with Antsirabe, paradise of the rickshaws! <p>Zébu tank, route between Belo-sur-Tsiribihina and Morondava</p> Large Tsingys of Bemaraha <p>Great Tsingy of Bemaraha, better not to look down!</p> Magnificent Dhows, Morondava The traditional masks do not prevent from being with the fashion, of course! In Belo on sea Sunset with Mahajanga Rice fields Antananarivo

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  • Tana - Antananarivo
  • Sainte-Marie
  • Antsirabe
  • Miandrivazo
  • Belo-sur-Tsiribihina
  • Tsingy de Bemaraha
  • Morondava
  • Belo-sur-Mer
  • Majunga - Mahajanga
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Details of the stay: The country Sakalava: between Tsingy and Baobabs - 13 days

Day 1 : Tananarive

Arrival in Tananarive. Walk on the pavés of the high city from Independence Square to the Queen's Palace to embrace the surrounding sacred hills, Fort Voyron, the Zoologique zoological and botanical park, Mahamasina stadium or the Anosy and Mandroseza lakes. Night in Tananarive.

Day 2 : Antsirabe

Transfer for Antsirabe 180 km towards the south for about three hours driving on an asphalt road. Visit of the city on foot or on foot to appreciate the colonial architecture of this ancient spa town to the numerous sources of hot and gaseous water nestling above 1 400 m above sea level. Night in Antsirabe.

Day 3 : Miandrivazo

Transfer for Miandrivazo 220 km west for about 5-6 hours of journey. The asphalt road stops here and it is now necessary to choose between the track and the river if you want to continue. Changing climate and atmosphere with tropical heat burst. Night in Miandrivazo.

Day 4 : River Tsiribihina

Transfer to Masiakampy wharf before settling in a canoe to start a two and a half day cruise on the river Tsiribihina. Therefore, the fauna and flora will not stop turning for 150 km in the company of lemurs and crocodiles. Night in bivouac at the edge of the river.

Day 5 : River Tsiribihina

Following the descent of the. The forest succeeds the mangrove that passes the witness to sandy benches between two limestone-shaped gorges. Remember to salute the aboriginal people who live near the river in sometimes very rudimentary habitats. New night in bivouac.

Day 6 : River Tsiribihina

Continuation and end of the descent from the Tisiribihina to Belo-sur-Tsiribihina, the terminus of the cruise. Transfer of kilometres in the middle of savannah to the village of Bekopaka, on the other side of the river Manambolo that is traversed by ferry or canoe. The National Park of Tsingy is no longer far away. Night in Bekopaka.

Day 7 : De de Bemaraha

Morning walk in the labyrinth of the small Tsingy of Bemaraha, a small foretaste of the big, and then descent into a canoe in the afternoon in the steep gorges of the river Manambolo. In the evening, walking in the surrounding forest in search and listening to nocturnal animals, including lemurs with green eyes. Night in Bekopaka.

Day 8 : Tsingy of Bemaraha

A rather sporty hike in the great Tsingy of Bemaraha using ladders, carabiners and harnesses to climb this majestic limestone cathedral, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once at the top you will discover one of the most beautiful geological spectacles ever produced by nature. Night in Belo-sur-Tsiribihina.

Day 9 : Allée des Baobabs des baobabs

Departure in direction of Morondava and compulsory stop at the entrance of the legendary baobabs of baobabs, the most photographed site in the country with its majestic alignment of three of the seven endemic species of Madagascar. Don't forget to surprise the two amoureux baobabs. Return to Morondava after sunset.

Day 10 : Belo-sur-Mer

Transfer to Belo-sur-Mer 80 km south of Morondava for about 4 hours on a difficult track. A long break off the tourist trails with, upon arrival, the discovery of a charming fishing village with all wood and fences. Visit to the Naval and Schooners shipyard. Night in Belo-sur-Mer.

Day 11 : Morondava

Return to Morondava. Swimming on the beaches of the Nosy Kely peninsula ("the tourist village") along the Mozambique canal, visit the lively market in the city centre or stroll in the Menabe zoological park to meet crocodiles, lemurs, chameleons and... of ostriches! Night in Morondava.

Day 12 : Tananarive

Flight to Tananarive to avoid the endless return in a bush taxi by the road that will make you lose all day. Once back in the capital, visit the Andravoahangy market, northeast of the city centre, and the Analakely covered market in the lower town to fill up with souvenirs. Last night in Tananarive

Day 13 : Tananarive

Return flight, possibly taking advantage of the artisanal market of La Digue on the way to the airport.

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