Discovering the wines of Israel

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If the north of Israel (Galilee and the Golan Heights) is indeed a privileged destination to discover some of the remarkable wines Israel produces, you should know that the Judean Mountains and the Negev also conceal excellent vintages. Here is a suggestion for a week-long wine tour from Tel Aviv, knowing that many variations are possible and that the number of wineries to visit is much higher than what we indicate here!

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  • Jérusalem
  • Tel Aviv
  • Be'Er Sheva
  • Sde Boker
  • Mitzpe Ramon
  • Safed
  • Qatzrin
  • Odem
  • Ein Zivan
  • Eliad
  • Kidmat Tzvi
  • Bet Shemesh
  • Kadesh Barnea
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Details of the stay: Discovering the wines of Israel - 7 days

Day 1 : Galileo

From Tel Aviv, cross Galilee (about 2 hours drive) towards the Golan Heights, to Safed, in Lower Galilee. From there, head to Dalton, 10 km north of Safed to visit one of the city's two cellars (or both): Dalton Winery and Adir Winery. Take a little height and continue to Yiron, located on the Lebanese border in Upper Galilee for a proper visit of the excellent Galil Mountain Winery

Day 2 : Golan Heights Plateau

Now explore the northern Golan, first through Odem, 60 km east of Yiron, to discover the Odem Mountain Winery. The rest of the day will take place in Ein Zivan, to visit Pelter Winery, and in Kidmat Tsvi, to discover the Bazelet HaGolan Winery. Finish this stage in Upper Golan in Qatzrin: this city is the stronghold of the famous Golan Heights Winery, among others

Day 3 : Southern Golan Heights

Returning to Lake Tiberias, about 30 kilometres south of Qatzrin and east of the lake, stop at Avnei Eitan, where the Bashan Winery is located, and at Eli Ad to visit Golan Winery Castle, back to Tel Aviv at the end of the day

Day 4 : From Tel Aviv to the Judean Mountains

After a good breakfast, head for Jerusalem and join Rishon LeZion, on the southern outskirts of Tel Aviv. Once there, impossible from Carmel Mizrahi's huge winery. Spend the afternoon at Barkan Winery, owned by one of the country's largest wine producers

Day 5 : Judée Mountains

Visit Ramat Raziel in the hills of Judée, where Le Domaine du Castel is located. After visiting the premises and tasting, follow the road to the kibbutz of Tzora, on the north-west outskirts of Bet Shemesh, and visit the Tzora Vineyards. Night to Bet Shemesh.

Day 6 : The Negev Wine Route - Day 1

JoinBe'er Sheva, the gateway to the Negev, an hour's drive from Bet Shemesh. Then follow Route No. 40 between Sde Boker and Mitzpe Ramon: this is the backbone of the Ramat HaNegev Wine Route. By staying on the main road, you will cross some of your must-see stops. Start with a visit to the Nahal Boker Farm & Winery, for example, and then continue with the Sde Boker Winery

Day 7 : The Negev Wine Route - Day 2

For this second day in the Negev and the last day of your trip, opt for a visit to Carmey Avdat Farm & Winerey, then head for Derech Eretz Farm & Winery, before reaching Mitzpe Ramon. Maps showing this route of wines (and farms) from the Negev are available in tourist establishments in the region. Return to Tel Aviv at the end of the day or the next day.

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