Java in one week

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Java is an exceptional territory that generously offers its history and culture. Dances, Javanese theatre, wayang kulit puppets, gamelan music and batiks are known all over the world, as well as its temples and palaces. But the beaches, hotels and sunsets are also worth a visit

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Travelling conservator. From the volcano train between Yogyakarta and Surabaya. The temple of Borobudur, whose stûpas had long been abandoned. Portrait of schoolchildren in Jakarta. <p>Cathedral in Jakarta.</p>

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  • Jakarta
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Details of the stay: Java in one week - 8 days

Day 1 : Arrival in Jakarta

Arrival in Jakarta. Due to traffic problems, it is better to limit your travel. In the evening, go to Ancol at Bandar Jakarta to enjoy lobsters, crabs, fish of all sizes..

Day 2 : The cradle of Javanese culture

Domestic flight to Yogyakarta. Discovery day of the city, cradle of Javanese culture; visit of the palace and walk on Malioboro Street, the Champs-Élysées of Jogja, in Andong, a small carriage

Day 3 : Relaxation and zenitude

Morning relaxation, day trip to the Prambanan temple. In the evening, Ramayana's show at the temple

Day 4 : Temple at sunrise

Early morning awakening to go to the temple of Borobodur at sunrise. Continuation of the excursion to the Dieng plateau, and visit the Arjuna temples and the Sikidang volcano

Day 5 : Kasogan's pottery

Departure for Kasogan and its pottery market, then head to Kebonagung, famous for its magnificent rice fields, then relax on the beaches of Desa Siluk. Enjoy the sunset with a good grilled fish.

Day 6 : Climbing Mount Merapi

Morning awakening and ascent of Mount Merapi to admire the sunrise. Nap, shopping afternoon in Yogya, with a visit to batik factories

Day 7 : In the village of Naggula

Go to the village of Naggulan. This square is known to be an important fruit market. Durian, salak, magouste, rambutan, etc. The opportunity to refuel one last time. Plane to Jakarta.

Day 8 : End of travel

Departure from Jakarta to Paris in the afternoon.

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