Trekking in Martinique

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A hiker's paradise, Martinique is far from being a destination of beaches and sun loungers. In the north as well as in the south, walkers have something to deal with. Here's an ultra-sporty itinerary for a day, over a week. Allow a few more days to take advantage of the relaxing atmosphere of the island, and to digest the time lag at the beginning of the stay

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Mount Pelée, active volcano in the North of Martinique. Fonds-Saint-Denis church. The clear waters of Tartane. Marin. Sainte-Anne Beach.

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  • Fonds-Saint-Denis
  • Le Marin
  • Morne-Rouge
  • Les Anses D'Arlet
  • Sainte-Anne
  • Montagne Pelée
  • Tartane
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Details of the stay: Trekking in Martinique - 7 days

Day 1 : North - Mount Pelée

A must, the ascent of Mount Pelee can be done by several trails of different levels. From Le Morne-Rouge, the Aileron trail (6 hours round trip, average level) offers magnificent panoramas. By Le Prêcheur (6h one way, medium/difficult level), you will have the opportunity to observe still tangible traces of the 1902 eruption.

Day 2 : North - Slave Canal

Going down to the east coast, the surroundings of Fonds-Saint-Denis are full of interesting hikes. Easier but to avoid if you suffer from vertigo, the Slave Canal (4h round trip, easy level) follows the course of the Beauregard Canal with very beautiful views over the peaks of the Carbet

Day 3 : North - Carbet Du

More difficult, along the Trace route, the ascent of the Pitons pitons (8 h round trip, difficult level) allows to discover the tropical forest. Beware! The hiking is difficult and has a lot of difference, because the six pitons span 16 km and sometimes reach 1 000 m high.

Day 4 : The peninsula of La Caravelle

One day will be enough for you to discover the natural beauties of the La Caravelle reserve. The large or small trail is largely shaded and easy to level. The small path (about 2 hours) winds between the mangrove swamp and the dry forest through Dubuc Castle. The long trail (about 4 hours) reaches the lighthouse of La Caravelle and allows you to enjoy very beautiful views of the Baie du Trésor. Be careful, some features are in full sunlight: provide enough water.

Day 5 : South - The path of the Anses d'Arlet

Leave the mountains to reach the beaches. The Chemin des (6hAnses d'Arlet, easy level) will allow you to walk around the Sainte-Anne peninsula and discover its beaches and landscapes.

Day 6 : South - Trace of Caps

Still in the south of the island but this time on the Atlantic side, the Trail trail of the Caps is one of the most picturesque, to walk on foot or by bike, in one or more stages.

Day 7 : South - The Great Macabou or the Savannah of Petrifications

On the Vauclin side, you will walk along the Grand Macabou domain along the coast from Petite to Grande Anse Macabou. But one of the most original hikes is the one that crosses the Savannah of Petrifications (5h AR, easy level) in the Sainte-Anne peninsula. In this desert expanse, which owes its name to fossilized trees, we can see some cactus and acacias growing. The landscape is stunning.

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