Diving trip in the Seychelles

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In the Seychelles, diving is possible all year round, with optimal visibility in April-May and October-November. In the summer, the wind of suet complicates the discovery in certain areas, but you will always find your happiness. If you have the opportunity to push to Les Amirantes (200 km from Mahé), don't hesitate! This myriad of coral atolls are surrounded by sublime lagoons

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Beau Vallon Beach.

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Details of the stay: Diving trip in the Seychelles - 7 days

Day 1 : Ternay Bay

In and around Mahé, there are many diving spots. If you stay in Beau Vallon, the bay offers beautiful dives and, next door, the Baie Ternay Marine National Park allows you to discover the marine fauna and flora, whatever your level

Day 2 : Meeting with sharks

In the north of the island you can also opt for the islets of Dragon's Deli or Brissare Rocks, or for Shark Bank, a site where, as the name suggests, you can swim with sharks.

Day 3 : Diving in wrecks

For divers with a pirate or explorer's soul, Mahé's seabed also contains wonders: the Ennerdale wreck, the Twin Barges and the Dredger.

Day 4 : In Praslin, the islet of Saint-Pierre

It is impossible to leave Praslin without at least one dive! The most common (but not the most spectacular, although still impressive) site is the Saint-Pierre islet, 9 minutes by boat from Anse Volbert beach

Day 5 : To Cousin and Cousin

A little further on you can opt for the sites of Booby Islet (sharks, turtles, soft corals), Whale Rock (rays, octopus), or even the surroundings of Cousin and Cousine.

Day 6 : Cathedral of the Dyke

On La Digue, Marianne is the most impressive diving spot on the island. A veritable cathedral of rocks inhabited by countless small fish...

Day 7 : The Cocos islet

As for Cocos islet, many describe its shores as an aquarium in its natural state. So put on your fins, put on your mask and respect them!

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