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In the north-west of Iran, between the Caspian and Turkey, there is a region around Tabriz, a region populated mostly with Azerbaijani, Turkish-Turkish, and remained attached to Iran after the separation with Azerbaijan. The region is therefore very different from the rest of the country, but does not have any real tourist jewellery. A good week is enough to turn it around, but you can stay longer if you wish.

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Tehran, a modern capital of over 8 million souls <p>The village of Kandovan.</p> <p>Nain.</p> <p>Mountain chain in Iranian Azerbaijan.</p>

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  • Tehran
  • Nain
  • Orumiyeh
  • Maku
  • Tabriz
  • Kandovan
  • Ardebil
  • Bandar-E Anzali
  • Lahijan
  • Massouleh
  • Jolfa
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Details of the stay: Iranian Azerbaijani - 8 days

Day 1 : Steps from the Caspian Caspian

From Tehran take a day to reach the shores of the Caspian Sea, at Bandar-e Anzali where you will enjoy garlic specialities before entering the rice fields to reach the small mountain village of Masuleh. Night in Masuleh, a small, authentic mountain village, which you can visit before resuming the road for Ardebil.

Day 2 : The Heritage Safavide

Ardebil is mainly worth visiting for the visit of Sheikh Ali Mausoleum, built under the Safavides dynasty. In the heart of the city centre, the Portail portal is a jewel of medieval Muslim architecture, as is the mausoleum itself, which is the subject of a lively pilgrimage. Night in Ardebil.

Day 3 : The city of carpets

Road in the morning to Tabriz. Start with the visit of the Azerbaijan Museum and the Blue Mosque, and finish with that of the municipal museum, with its sumptuous collection of carpets. At the end of the day, visit the Qadjar house for a fine example of architecture. Night in Tabriz.

Day 4 : Iran's biggest bazaar

Start the day early in the morning by visiting the bazaar, which can take you several hours. Take the time to chat with the merchants and artisans, explore the caravanserais and absorb from an atmosphere of no other kind in this covered bazaar which is one of the most extensive in the world. At the end of the day, join Kandovan by taxi.

Day 5 : The City of Cave

Take the morning to explore Kandovan, whose houses are arranged and dug to the peak rock formations, formed of lava resulting from an eruption dating back to the Quaternary. The village is still inhabited today and you can easily familiarize yourself with the living conditions of these modern cave. Second night in Kandovan.

Day 6 : The tour of Lake Oroumiye

Join Oroumiye by bypassing the lake by the south and by taking steps at Maraqeh to visit the mausoleums of the village. In Oroumiye, visit Friday mosque and the Christian quarter— this region once belonged to the Armenian empire, which is why there are some of the oldest churches in the Christian world.

Day 7 : Armenian churches

Affrétez a taxi for a day of St. Stephen's Church, Saint-Thaddeus Church and Saint-Stépanos Monastery. Taking into account the roads, it takes you two days to complete all visits, especially if you make breaks on the way to a tour in the Vallée Valley or to see secondary curiosities. Plan to spend the night in Maku.

Day 8 : End of course

Finish your visits from Armenian churches and join Tabriz to take a flight to your next destination. The airport serves all major cities in the country.

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