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Genoa is a city whose prestige has left very beautiful traces in various corners of the city. By devoting a long weekend or a short week to visiting the various neighborhoods, we will be taking a rather comprehensive view of it, while allowing a few lurching in the neighbouring fishing villages of Boccadasse and Pegli.

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Details of the stay: Genova Express express - 5 days

Day 1 : Genoa Origins

Start your visit by the Porto Antico, the heart of the city's commercial and naval power through the ages. After a stop at the Aquarium, climb through the panoramic lift at the top of the Bigo, where you can enjoy an overview of the harbour réaménagé by Renzo Piano and the slate roofs of the city. Before venturing into the most extensive historical centre of Europe, stop looking at Palazzo San Giorgio with painted facades. After being restored in one of the many focaccerie or friggitorie under the arcades of Sottoripa, take the elegant Via San Lorenzo to reach the cathedral of the same name. This splendid, Gothic witness welcomes the Treasury Museum and its precious sacred objects. At the back of the cathedral, admire the imposing neoclassical structure of Palazzo Ducale. The headquarters of the Republic of Genoa for six centuries are today the main exhibition centre in the city. After looking at your right Porta Soprana, memory of the ramparts built in the th century to defend themselves against Barbarossa, take the picturesque Manin Pollaiuoli to find you Piazza delle Erbe. Enjoy the evening in this lively neighbourhood; It is here that the Genoese like to find themselves at the time of the aperitif and until late in the night, in the many bars and restaurants.

Day 2 : The Rolli Palaces

The discovery of Genoa would not be done without Via Garibaldi. Throughout the former Strada Nuova, you will find a series of sumptuous palais palaces. These residences, named "Rolli", were at the disposal of the Republic to host high dignitaries and diplomats visiting Genoa. Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Tursi are currently the headquarters of the Strada Nuova Museum Complex, a expositif course of great artistic value. At the end of Via Garibaldi, take Via Balbi which leads to the Main Station. At No. 10, Palazzo Reale deserves a visit. He became a member of Savoy in 1822, and you can admire the splendid ice gallery and the National Pinacothèque. Return to the port by Via del Campo. Along this famous street sung by Fabrizio De André, bustling with small shops and sales, admire the facades of the houses characteristic of popular sponge architecture. To complete this culturally rich visit, do not miss by browsing Via San Luca to follow the signs leading to the national gallery of Spinola Palace, the ancient Palais family palace hosting a collection of works of art including paintings of Antonello da Messina, Van Dyck and Rubens.

Day 3 : Genoa and the sea

Start this day with a complete tour of the port... by the sea. In summer, flagship boats carry out guided tours of the old and industrial areas. An original way of discovering Genoa by the sea and observing the line of ramparts bordering on the northern side of the city. Back on the mainland, along the sea towards the west, overtaken by the pirates of the pirates, here is the museum of the Sea. This amazing museum, the first of the Mediterranean, illustrates the maritime history of the port of Genoa. Impressive boat reconstructions and a submarine that the public can visit in water! Continue to San Giovanni di Pré and Commenda. This amazing Romanesque ensemble welcomed knights and pilgrims from the beginning to the Holy Land. A little further away from the Principle station, take the lift from Montegalletto to Monter Castle. This fascinating castle, from which there is a breathtaking panorama of the city, retains the ethnographic and archaeological collections collected by Captain D'Albertis.

Day 4 : Nervi and the Levant

Leave the city perimeter by passing Corso Italia, the promenade by the Genoese sea. Carried out between the two wars, it is attended at every hour by hikers and sportsmen, skates and joggers. Once in the charming village of Boccadasse, stop in this former village of fishermen who have lost nothing of its old charm, time to enjoy an ice cream or an aperitif. By continuing along the coast, Nervi, the last district in the east of the city, is of particular interest to its park and to its seaside promenade as well as to the museum of museums which retain interesting collections of paintings and art objects from the th century.

Day 5 : Pegli and Ponant

Thanks to the new sea link, the Navebus from Porto Antico joins the Marin marine village in 30 minutes. Here, take the time to stroll through the extraordinary romantic park of Villa Durrës Pallavicini. Continue your discovery at the Naval Museum of Pegli, where an astonishing collection recounts the age-old link between the sea and Liguria. Complete your visit of the Genoese Genoese by a romantic walk through the sumptuous gardens at the Talienne Park of Villa Duchessa di Elysées and return to Genoa by a short train ride.

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