The most beautiful views of San Francisco

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" It's a blue house leaning against the hill... ". How can we forget this sweet chorus sung by Maxime Le Forestier after his stay in the Castro district in the summer 1971. Personally, we counted 44 hills, but each has its own version of the facts. The "Seven Hills of San Francisco" are the most famous, the ones you will know by heart at the end of your stay. Namely: Telegraph Hill, Nob Hill, Russian Hill, Rincon Hill, Mount Sutro, Twin Peaks and Mount Davidson.
These generous reliefs are the visitor's delight to travel through the city and reach summits with constantly renewed views of the bay. For each area of the Golden City, we offer a small detour to a summit, a nice hidden staircase or an urban park to lead to a well-deserved view. Have fun calculating the difference in altitude you travel for a week, you may be surprised...

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Details of the stay: The most beautiful views of San Francisco - 6 days

Day 1 : Downtown

You will pace up its streets or with the help of the cable car while imagining the view from the 48th floor of the Pyramid Transamerica which culminates at 260 meters. This skyscraper, which was so controversial when it was built in 1969, is located in the heart of the Financial District on Montgomery Street. You can't go to the top of the building unless you rent the last floor for a private evening! Take all the same a moment to admire the pyramid from its base and take a tour at visitor center (1st floor) which broadcasts videos from the webcam installed at the top.

Day 2 : North Beach, Telegraph Hill and the Piers

A Telegraph Hill (84 m), the most beautiful view is the one we have from Coit Tower (64 m). Whether you're going up or down, plan to take the Filbert Steps. These marches have become mythical for their steep slopes and their hanging gardens filled with colourful flowers and birds. The hill bears the name of the tower of the old telegraph built in 1849. To take the Filbert Steps, go to the crossing of Filbert and Sansome streets. You climb the stairs from Filbert to Montgomery and Telegraph Hill to reach the foot of the Coit Tower. A more easy option and take the bus to Coit Tower and take the descent of the Filbert steps!

Day 3 : Nob Hill and Russian Hill

At Russian Hill (90 m), you will climb the world's most winding street, Lombard Street. From the top of its stairs, it's breathless that you'll join the Sterling park where you enjoy a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate and Alcatraz.

Day 4 : Pacific Heights, Cow Hollow and Northwest

Between Nob Hill and Pacific Heights, take a detour through Lafayette Park (115 m) for its view and picnic break. Recently renovated with a children's playground, you can reach this beautiful park at the crossing of Gough and Sacramento roads. Along the coast from the piers to the Golden Gate, the panorama occured with an unobstructed view of the horizon, provided the fog wants to unveil the Golden Gate! From east to west, the most beautiful views are from Crissy Fields (east of the Presidio) and Fort point, at the foot of the Golden Gate.

Day 5 : SoMa, Mission, Castro and the South

To the West of Castro and Noe Valley, beautiful hills including the popular Twin Peaks. The Twin peaks summit reaches 291 metres, right in the centre of San Francisco. It is the highest peak in San Francisco after Mount Davidson and it is reached exclusively by car or public transport. A lesser known views with a nice view of the downtown skyscrapers is Corona Heights (160 metres), which can be reached in a few minutes from Castro. From Muni station, take Castro street, turn left on 16th street and right on Flint Street. At the end of Flint Street, take the path on your left. By going down the same path, take a detour to discover a steep stairway in a charming setting: Vulcan Stairway. The start of the marches is on Ord Street and the walk in climbing way takes place between Ord and Levant streets. On one or two blocks, you can enjoy the fun architecture of lush houses and vegetation. Vulcan Stairway is a secret passage to cross the hill between Castro and Haight or Ashbury Park. If you want to continue the walk in this atmosphere, go down the street parallel to Vulcan, Saturn... A staircase connects Ord Street to the heights of Saturn Street. The houses hidden in this den are mostly accessible only on foot.

Day 6 : Haight and the Golden Gate Park

From Haight to the Golden Gate Park via Sunset, Inner Sunset and Richmond, you enjoy the most beautiful views of the bay. In Haight, the must-visit is the Buena Vista Park (173 m) surrounded by cypresses and eucalyptus. You can reach it from Haight Street, at the intersection of Central Avenue and Baker Street. The Sunset area also offers a small marvel only known to local people and some privileged, the Grand View Park (203 metres) and its fantastic panorama, especially at sunset. The west side of the park has an artistic achievement around the 163 mosaic-adorned marches. This is the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps Project. Start by visiting the mosaic staircase between Noriega and Moraga streets. Climb up the stairs by taking the time to enjoy the artistic richness of the place. Once at the top, join Grand View Park. At the west end of San Francisco, in the Richmond district, enjoy the visit of the Palace of the Legion of Honor to walk along the "Lands End" trail which joins the coast and the park of the same name. You overlook the Pacific. The coastal trail is a 15 km long trail linking the Golden Gate to southwest of San Francisco along the sublime coast.

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