Amerindian immersion in Panama

  • 9 days
  • Spring
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  • Solo
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  • Culture / Heritage
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Panama is home to a large Amerindian community that, with ancestral customs, traditional craftsmanship and a communicative joie de vivre, attracts the interest of travellers who are sensitive to cultures of origin. There are 7 very different groups of Amerindians in Panama, all of whom are accessible to visitors who respect their environment. It is a unique experience that is often accompanied by a guide to ensure the smooth running of the stay.

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  • Ciudad de Panamá
  • Colon
  • Cerro Punta
  • Bocas del Toro
  • San Cristobal
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Details of the stay: Amerindian immersion in Panama - 9 days

Day 1 : Understanding the different communities in Panama

In the capital, visit of Mi Pueblito. This reconstruction of the different traditional habitats of Panama will give you a taste of the way of life of some of the communities you will have the opportunity to meet.

Day 2 : Meeting with the Emberás

Near Panamá, on the banks of the Chagres or the Gatún river, meets the Emberá people. Some have developed ecotourism programmes, with crafts, local dances and nature excursions

Day 3 : In unknown land

They will welcome you in the heart of their village for one or more days.

Day 4 : In the heart of the Amerindian territories

Departure for the county of Guna Yala, the first Amerindian autonomous territory in the Americas

Day 5 : Laziness among the Indians

Stay on one of the many islands of the archipelago in the company of the Gunas.

Day 6 : Visit to the Ngäbe Buglé communities

Return to Panama, direction Bocas del Toro. Isla Colón is the ideal starting point to visit the Buglé Ngäbe communities of San Cristobal, Salt Creek or Tobobé.

Day 7 : La Amistad International Park

On the continent, near the international park La Amistad, the Naso Teribe community welcomes you to share its culture.

Day 8 : In the Naso Teribe community

7 Amerindian groups are present in Panama. The Naso Teribe are the smallest group, comprising about 3,000 people living on the banks of the Teribe River in the province of Bocas del Toro.

Day 9 : End of trip or extension

From the capital, it is possible to reach the Darién where several Embera and Wounaan communities live. Allow at least 5 more days.

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