Lazing around on Jamaican beaches

  • 7 days
  • All seasons
  • Solo
  • Couple
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  • Faune and flora
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  • Relaxation / Well-being
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As an island in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is home to beautiful beaches that can be the subject of a trip in their own right. From north to south, east to west, long strips of white sand bordered by lush vegetation are bathed in transparent water, inviting for swimming and relaxation. An overview of the Jamaican Eden.

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<p>Fort Charles</p> The White River, Ocho Rios. View of the Blue Lagoon from a villa. <p>View on the bay of Ocho Rios.</p> <p>Mayfield Falls.</p> <p>The lush nature behind Negril.</p> <p>The authenticity of Treasure Beach.</p>

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  • Port Royal
  • Boston Bay
  • Port Antonio
  • Ocho Rios
  • Montego Bay
  • Negril
  • Treasure Beach
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Details of the stay: Lazing around on Jamaican beaches - 7 days

Day 1 : Lemon Kay

The island of Lemon Kay is located off Port Royal near the airport and is easily accessible by staying at Morgan's Harbour Hotel. This tiny piece of land offers an idyllic setting for half a day. The fishermen will take you to the hotel with a small fee.

Day 2 : Prospectus

Head east and Prospect Beach, popular with Kingston families on weekends and holidays. View on the cliffs of Yalah and small club-bar that goes from reggae in the evening. Quiet and intimate, far from the hustle and bustle of northern tourism.

Day 3 : Port Antonio

When you reach the north of the island, you will have to make a choice: Boston Bay encourages you to stop, but you will probably also have to taste the beauty of French Man's Cove, Sanku Bay, San San San or the famous Blue Lagoon, all located around Port Antonio.

Day 4 : Reggae Beach

Direction Rios and, for lovers of transparent waters and magical landscapes, it is unthinkable to miss Reggae Beach, a few kilometres before the town. Easy access, but the site is beautiful.

Day 5 : Doctor's Cave Beach

Doctor's Cave Beach, in Montego Bay, is the next step. Close-up by Gloucester Avenue and lacking privacy (except at the opening), this beach is one of the most beautiful on the island, and is known worldwide. A straw hut completes the picture. On the free beach side, try One Man Beach, a public beach located between Doctor's Cave and Aquasol Beach: it is possible to be alone, on a warm and fine sand, facing the turquoise sea.

Day 6 : 7 Miles Beach

Don't miss the world's longest beach (11 km), called "7 Miles Beach", the main attraction of Negril. All kinds of activities can be practiced, from scuba diving to windsurfing, without counting night concerts in the sand.

Day 7 : Treasure Beach and back to Kingston

Last but not least, Treasure Beach: Calabash and Frenchman's Bay. Time has stopped, the sea is rougher, the sand less fine and the authenticity definitely intact. Less touristic, of wild beauty, these places conclude this tour along the coasts and beaches of Jamaica, before returning to Kingston.

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