Ecotourism: on foot or mountain biking on the Congo Nile Trail

  • 10 days
  • All seasons
  • General public
  • Faune and flora
  • Discovery
  • Adventure / Sports & Leisure
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Inaugurated in 2011, the Congo Nile Trail (CNT) stretches over 227 kilometres along Lake Kivu, between Rubavu (formerly Gisenyi) in the north and Cyangugu in the south. In 10 days on foot, or 5-7 days in mountain biking, you will experience a unique stay closest to the local population. You will borrow lanes through fields, tea and coffee plantations, traditional villages, lake or heights, with breathtaking views of the region. You will sleep most often in the beautiful star, when time permits, in camps made available to hikers or in Guesthouses. It is possible to adapt your course according to the desired duration, your interests and your abilities. Count between 5 and 7 hours per day.

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View of the Rwandan Parliament, which retains its marks of 1994. The Butare ethnographic museum is the Rwandan national museum.

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  • Kigali
  • Ruhengeri Musanze
  • Butare Huye
  • Kibungo Ngoma
  • Cyangugu Rusizi
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Details of the stay: Ecotourism: on foot or mountain biking on the Congo Nile Trail - 10 days

Day 1 : Kigali visit and transfer to Rubavu

Discovery of the capital and the Mémorial memorial. In the afternoon, direction the Northwest. Night in hotel in Rubavu. Read: If you are planning an excursion in the Volcanoes Park, the descent to Rubavu, from Ruhengeri, takes less than an hour's drive.

Day 2 : From Rubavu to Rwinyoni

Meeting and briefing with an official NTC guide that will accompany you all along your journey. Early departure. Picnic in the small coves at the edge of the lake or in the middle of fields above. Arrival in the afternoon in Rwinyoni. 5-6 hours of walking. Night in a guest room or in a campsite made available by the village.

Day 3 : From Rwinyoni to Kinunu

Departure at 7 p. m., picnic on one of the small beaches before N'Kora, where you can attend cattle embarkation for Congo. N'Kora is also a famous fishing village with a very lively market. 6 hours walk. Night in bivouac or at the Kinunu coffee station. Very interesting tour of production.

Day 4 : From Kinunu to Musasa

After a short detour to visit the beautiful church of Kinunu, your hike continues in a very rural setting with exceptional views of the lake and a plantation of plantations (fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee...). A forest path leads you to Musasa. Arrival at 17 pm. Night in bivouac or in a camp in the village.

Day 5 : From Musasa to Karongi (formerly Kibuye)

Start at dawn through a forest road, descent on N'Gambi and the river Koko, lift up to Kibingo, from here you will join the road of the ridges. Arrival at 14 pm in Mushubati, the junction with the road of the peaks and descent to Rubengera, beginning of the national road. Minibus to Karongi. Night at the hotel.

Day 6 : :: Day of rest

Well-deserved day of rest in Karongi. Visit of the city and its lively market. Many accommodations for all the awards.

Day 7 : From Karongi to Kigarama

Early departure (always!) by the road of the universities along the lake, then climb up to the height of ElectroGaz towards the main road. Passage through the villages of Mubuga (stop noon), Gishyita, Mugonero. 7 hours walk. Night on the site of the old orphanage of Kigarama "Hope" (camping or rooms).

Day 8 : From Kigarama to Karengera (near Mugonero)

Return to the main road, descent to the lake, crossing De and Kibingo, picnic on the road, arriving around 17 h at the Karengera stage. Accommodation in a school. 

Day 9 : From Karengera to Nyamasheke

Walk on the road to Birembo then, before Kirambo (km 62 from Karongi), a path on the right indicated "Kumbya" leads you to a Methodist retreat, a private location for picnic and swimming. Return on the road and continue to Kibogora and Nyamasheke. About 6 hours of effective walk.

Day 10 : From Nyamasheke to Cyangugu

Traversée crossing, then descent through the Eucalyptus forest to the junction with the large road from Butare and Kigali. Take a minibus for Cyangugu (25 km). Five hours walk. Possible return to Kigali in the afternoon.

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