Jamaica, the big loop

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Welcome to Jamaica! The 12,000 km2 of the island where Bob Marley was born and the Rasta culture are home to some natural wonders that will force the admiration of even the most seasoned explorer. From the sumptuous beaches of Port Antonio, Negril and Treasure Beach to the fierce Blues Mountains, unexpected and unforgettable encounters are multiplying. Not to mention the frenetic nights to the sound of dancehall reggae and culinary discoveries!

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<p>Various fruits and vegetables are found in the Kingston market.</p> <p>Sale of ackees (national vegetable) on the Kingston market.</p> View of the Blue Lagoon from a villa. <p>Even birds bear the colours of Jamaica.</p> The White River, Ocho Rios. <p>View on the bay of Ocho Rios.</p> <p>Mayfield Falls.</p> Tropical landscape around Montego Bay. <p>The lush nature behind Negril.</p> 7 Mile Beach. <p>The coast of Negril.</p> <p>Safari on the Black River.</p> <p>Black River.</p> <p>The authenticity of Treasure Beach.</p> Revolver in gem for the strong characters. Devon House, a colonial residence to visit absolutely.

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  • Kingston
  • Port Royal
  • Port Antonio
  • Oracabessa
  • Ocho Rios
  • Falmouth
  • Montego Bay
  • Negril
  • Ys Falls
  • Black River
  • Treasure Beach
  • Anchovy
  • Blue And John Crow Mountains National Park
  • Castleton
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Details of the stay: Jamaica, the big loop - 21 days

Day 1 : Arrival in Kingston

Immerse yourself in the calm and greenery from the very beginning by visiting Hope Gardens. On the way to your hotel, stop at Devon House, where you can enjoy the best ice cream in the country at I-Scream. Go out and enjoy the sulphurous atmosphere of Jamaican sound systems.

Day 2 : Kingston and walks at sea

In the morning, visit the historic centre of the city. Promenade on the seafront passing through the Parade. A market tour, Coronation Market, to discover the country's tastes and aromas. Extend your getaway to Port Royal: Here you'll find freshly caught seafood at Gloria and then embark for a sea trip to Lime Kay, an island where it's nice to let you sunbathe, or swim in the crystal clear waters. Return to Kingston.

Day 3 : Port Antonio

On the way to Port Antonio. The locals speak of it as the most beautiful part of the island; it is indeed a very beautiful place, often forgotten by tourists. On the way, stop at Castleton Garden. This magnificent garden, located on both sides of the road to Port Antonio, houses a river with calm and refreshing waters. You can plan a picnic because the offer on site is limited to a few roadside vendors. Arrival in Port Antonio in the middle of the afternoon. Get off at the Ivanhoe. You can relax on the beach of French Man Cove, then have dinner on site in one of the many restaurants that surround the place.

Day 4 : Blue Lagoon

In the morning, take a tour in the city, not forgetting to stop at the market, where you can enjoy fresh local products. Then go to the Blue Lagoon and its waters of deep turquoise blue. For an exciting drink or Evening, try the Roof Club, the rendezvous of the locals and tourists of Port Antonio.

Day 5 : James Bond Beach

Give in to the temptation of Oracabesa and the famous James Bond Beach. The place is generally very lively, with music everywhere. You can let the day go slowly by having lunch on the beach. You can also visit the plantation located a few kilometers away. In the afternoon, take the road to Ocho Rios ("Ochie" for friends).

Day 6 : Dolphin Cove and Turtle Beach

Enjoy a unique experience while swimming with the dolphins of Dolphin Cove. Walk through the duty free shopping malls, and rest on Turtle Beach, the city's largest beach. Also check out the beautiful collections of paintings in Harmony Hall, a little to the east.

Day 7 : Reggae Beach and Fern Gully

Discover Reggae Beach and its natural beauty. The whirlpool and small pebble beach are appreciated. Tried by an excursion? Try the Fern Gully, a vegetation tunnel where you can watch local wildlife with guidance from a guide.

Day 8 : From Dunn's River Falls to Montego Bay

Forced passage to the Dunn's River Falls, magnificent waterfall near Ocho Rios. Spend half a day before your departure for Montego Bay. Allow a stopover in Falmouth, a small fishing village halfway between these two cities, where you will be able to swim in the "light lagoon" in the evening (around 19 h).

Day 9 : Montego Bay and its surroundings

Visit the city of Montego Bay. A short tour to The Cage, a tiny prison inherited from the slave era and Sam Sharpe Square, the city's nerve centre, then explore the interior by the road to Anchovy and Montpelier, and even as far as Seaford Town for adventurers.

Day 10 : Montego Bay Marine Reserve and Doctor's Cave Beach

Montego Bay is home to the largest marine reserve in the Caribbean. Don't miss the opportunity to discover the aquatic fauna. The day will then pass quietly at Doctor's Cave Beach. For those who come back for more after the morning adventure, the beach also offers many marine activities. In the evening, the bay offers a welcoming setting for many restaurants and bars.

Day 11 : Negril - Day 1

Continue towards Negril, the most beautiful beach on the island where hotels and resorts of all kinds are located. Count three days of idleness to enjoy its dream beach, 7 Miles.

Day 12 : Negril - day 2

Second day to stroll in the sun. It is possible to visit the beautiful hinterland with local people. Don't miss the sunset from the cliffs of the West End.

Day 13 : Negril - day 3

Last day of relaxation (and celebration) in Negril before heading back on the road.

Day 14 : Black River

Departure towards Black River. A quick tour of the city will allow you to discover the architectural richness inherited from successive colonizers and sail on the longest river in the country.

Day 15 : Crocodile Safari

Black River and Great Moras Marsh are the natural habitat for many species, including more than 200 crocodiles that you can observe under the watchful eye of your guide during a boat trip. Take a trip to YS Falls to swim in the clear water of these beautiful waterfalls.

Day 16 : Treasure Beach

Spend a day at Treasure Beach to enjoy this beautiful beach and its peaceful atmosphere.

Day 17 : Kingston - Bob Marley Museum

Return to Kingston. A visit to the Bob Marley Museum and Tuff Gong Studios is a must.

Day 18 : Blue Mountains - Day 1

The Blue Mountains are open to you, a few kilometres from Kingston. A dinner at Mount Edge Guest House will be an opportunity to discover typical Jamaican organic and Italian recipes. Enjoy the famous Blue Mountains coffee, before starting the ascent of Whitfield Hall. From there, reach the sky by climbing to the Blue Mountain Peak. Let yourself be won over by the splendour of the place and enjoy the fresh air.

Day 19 : Blue Mountains - Day 2

Second day in the heart of the beautiful Blue Mountains to learn more about Rasta culture before heading to the capital.

Day 20 : Hellshire and dancehall evening

Enjoy one last time on the beach in Hellshire, Portmore, in the immediate suburbs of Kingston. Have lunch on site with fried fish and lobsters at more than reasonable prices. Reggae dancehall atmosphere guaranteed.

Day 21 : Kingston and departure

Last day in Jamaica. Small tour in town for a shopping session prior to departure.

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