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Peru is the country par excellence of the trek. The possibilities are varied: between landscapes, duration and difficulty, there is something for everyone. And this country is not lagging behind in terms of sporting opportunities. For those who love nature, wide open spaces and physical exertion, combined with a discovery of local culture, this tour is sure to satisfy you.

Photo gallery

<p>Dance in the shadow of volcanoes.</p> <p>Office in the cathedral of Lima.</p> Island of Taquile. Village of Chivay seen from the high plateaus. <p>In the ́ valley, pre-s de Cabanaconde.</p> <p>Cruz del Condor.</p> Cuzqueña in traditional dress. City centre. The lost city of Machu Picchu. Pont de l Trail. Temple of the sun. Temple INCA de Q 'enqo. <p>Majestic volcano.</p>

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  • Lima
  • Tacna
  • Chivay
  • Cabanaconde
  • Puno
  • Juliaca
  • Cusco
  • Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu Pueblo
  • Machu Picchu
  • Tarapoto
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Details of the stay: For sports lovers - 15 days

Day 1 : Arrival in Lima

The Peruvian capital is the compulsory passage for a trip to Peru. Its international airport serves every city in the country. On arrival, transfer to your hotel. Night in Lima

Day 2 : Lima view of the sky

Close to the charming Parque del Amor de Miraflores, in which you can enjoy a view of the Pacific Ocean, there is a tandem in tandem. During a-minute flight over the ocean and the buildings, the sensations will be at the meeting. Possibility to fly solo in the Désert desert (1 h from Lima). Then flight (1 h 40) for Juliaca. Transfer to Puno. Attention at altitude, think about chewing coca leaves or taking tea. Night in Puno with lake view.

Day 3 : Kayaking on the famous Lake Titicaca

Transfer to Esteves Island, then to the archipelago of the Uros Islands in 1 hour by kayak. Crossing the highest navigable lake in the world. Observation of bird species diversity. Then, direction the island of Taquile by motor boat: peaceful island with green hills. Presence of local craftsmanship with a reputation for high quality textiles. Overnight stay with a possible inhabitant. Back to Puno.

Day 4 : en route to the Colca Canyon

A tour of catamaran or sailboat on the lake, history to start the day. Then at the beginning of the afternoon, bus (6 h) to reach Chivay. Night in Chivay

Day 5 : Discovery with one of the deepest canyons in the world

Direction the canyon by visiting (1 h 30) in Cabanaconde, starting point of a 2 day trek and one night in the Colca. Descent to San Juan village within 3 hours walking. Lunch and lunch. Join Sangalle in the afternoon by passing through Cosnirhua. Impressive views. Arrival at the Oasis, where you can bask in thermal baths. Night at the Oasis. 

Day 6 : Meeting with the king of the Andean skies

Departure from the Oasis is recommended relatively early (3am) to Cabanaconde, so that you can take a bus to Cruz del Condor. A strategic place to admire the flight of the condors, known as the "kings of the Andean skies", who have made their home in this magnificent canyon. Then, direction Chivay to spend the night there

Day 7 : Cape Town on Cusco

Take a bus (9 h) to go to Cusco. Beautiful views of your trip, as well as charming small picturesque villages. Stops will be provided for you to take beautiful photos. The bus with the advantage of providing a softer ascent to Cusco, which is still 3 400 metres away. Arrival in Cusco late in the afternoon. Night in Cusco.

Day 8 : A day at the local pace

It is advisable to spend a day at a slightly slower pace, to allow the body to acclimatize to the altitude. Ideal opportunity to discover Cusco, the cradle of the Inca civilization. Visit of the main square, the Plaza de Armas, its monuments and museums. Passage through the pleasant San Blas district. If a shopping trip is on the agenda, it is the San Pedro market that you should go to. You will necessarily find your happiness there. Night in Cusco.

Day 9 : First steps towards Salkantay

Beginning of trek to join Machu Picchu in 5 days, through all types of landscapes in Peru: mountains, waterfalls, plains, lake, jungle. Hiking to join the camp where you will spend the first night. Then, to warm and prepare, a small walk of 2 h to reach a lake perched at the top of a mountain. Night in tents. 

Day 10 : Highest point of the trek

The most difficult day, but it is well worth it. Climb to the Salkantay mountain (4,500 meters). If too dangerous, possibility to rent a mule to help you climb. After this challenging passage, only the descent through green mountains and vast forests. Overnight in a tent

Day 11 : Relaxation in sources of hot water

Changing landscape, morning hiking in the jungle. Meetings with premises on the way. Passage through a few small groupings of typical houses. Afternoon relax in the thermal baths. Night in tents.

Day 12 : On the way to Aguas Calientes

(Possibility to skip this day and go directly to day 13). Entertainment at the meeting: from the zip line. Then, heading for Hidroelectrica, a stopover from which you can see the Machu Picchu mountain. A 2-hour walk on railway tracks (train attentions) to reach Aguas Calientes. Night in Aguas Calientes

Day 13 : The Grail

Visit of Machu Picchu. To be among the first, go as soon as possible to the checkpoint which opens at 6am. If the feet are sick, it is possible to take a shuttle (a lot of waiting), otherwise the climb is possible by stairs (1h to 2h). Visit of the extraordinary Inca city: Machu Picchu. A guide is recommended to understand the entire site. Return by train to Cusco

Day 14 : Return to Cusco

Rest day Cusco. Many shops offer massages. For those who still want to take full care of their eyes and energy, Rainbow Mountain Trek is feasible. Departure at 3 am from the hotel. Recommended for people with good physical condition because trek difficult. But the arrival in the mountains of the 7 colors is breathtaking. Night in Cusco.

Day 15 : Reviewing (or soon) Peru

It's time to say goodbye to Peru and thank Pachamama, Earth Mother, for all these wonderful natural riches. Return flight.

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