In the depths of Egypt

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Exploring the pyramids remains an intense emotion the first time. But Egypt is full of strong sensations. A romantic cruise on the Nile allows you to discover Egypt in a different light, and offers breathtaking views. The famous valley of the kings remains, from century to century, a marvel that cannot leave indifferent. This 15-day journey will take you to the heart of the civilization that has dazzled the world for generations. Welcome to the country of Pharaohs  

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Plateau Plateau. The largest city on the African continent. Shops in Khan el-Khalili district. The port of Alexandria. The citadel of. Overview of the west bank facing Luxor. Dedicated to the God Amun-Ré, the Temple of Luxor was built by Amenophis III. Temple of Karnak. The theban necropolis in front of Luxor. Aswan, town of Bas Nubia. On the edge of Lake Nasser. The Grand Temple of Rameses II.

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  • Cairo
  • Dachour
  • Luxor
  • Gourna - Thèbes Ouest
  • Edfou
  • Aswan
  • Philae
  • Lac Nasser
  • Abou Simbel
  • Alexandria
  • Port-Saïd
  • Meidoun
  • Saqqarah
  • Île Éléphantine
  • Vallée Des Rois
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Details of the stay: In the depths of Egypt - 15 days

Day 1 : A day in the Pyramids
Day on the Guiza plateau and that of Saqqarah. 8am, Guiza, Kephren temple, sphinx, Kephren pyramid. 9:30, Guiza pyramid of Cheops, solar boat. 11am-12pm, transfer. 12pm, Saqqarah, Djoser pyramid and surroundings. 1pm, Saqqarah, Ti mastaba, tombs of Mererouka and Ankhmahor, Teti pyramid. 4pm, return to Cairo. 8pm, whirling derwichs in their theatre of Islamic Cairo.
Day 2 : Dachour and Meïdoum.
Day of the pyramids of Dachour and Meïdoum. 8am, red pyramid. 9:30am, bent pyramid. 12pm, Meïdoum pyramid and adjoining mastaba. 2pm, return to Cairo by the palm grove road, Licht pyramid.
Day 3 : Coptic Cairo.
Museum Day and Coptic Cairo. 8am, Egyptian Museum. 2pm, lunch at Al Foustat Souk, Coptic quarter, Coptic museum, hanging church. 9pm, Egyptian film in one of the cinemas of the street Emad Ed-Din or Talaat-Harb.
Day 4 : Islamic Cairo Day.
Islamic Cairo Day. 8am, Gayer Anderson Museum, Ibn Touloun Mosque, El-Rifaï Mosque, Sultan Hassan Mosque. 2pm., fitir lunch at the Egyptian Pancake Restaurant in Khan El-Khalili. 3pm, Khan El-Khalili, Bab Zoueila, Dar Al-Asfar, Al-Mouayyed mosque, Beit El-Sehemi. 6pm, tea and chicha at El-Fishawi café.
Day 5 : The lights of the lighthouse...
Day in Alexandria. 9am, departure by train, Ramesses station. 12pm, arrival in Alexandria. Lunch at Restaurant Mohammed Ahmed. 2:30, catacombs of Kôm El-Chougafa. 4pm, Roman odeon and thermals. 6pm, walk in the Turkish city, the neighbourhoods of Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings. 7pm, chicha in front of the old port and the citadel of Qaïtbay. 8pm, fish dinner in one of the restaurants overlooking the sea.
Day 6 : Alexandria, the heart of Egyptian history
Day in Alexandria. Breakfast in one of the many alexandrines cafés. 10am, visit of the national museum. 12pm, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, lunch on site. 3pm, train to Cairo before taking a night flight to Luxor.
Day 7 : In the country of the colossi of Memnon
Day in Luxor West Bank. 8am, after bike rental, colossi of Memnon. 9am, Ramesseum. 10:30pm, Ramesses III temple. 12pm, valley of the Craftsmen. 1pm, Queens Valley. 2:30pm, lunch in front of the temple of Ramesses III. 5pm, felluca ride to the Banana island.
Day 8 : Head for the valley of the kings
Day in Luxor West Bank. 8am, Valley of Nobles. 10:30am, temple of Hatshepsut. 12:30pm, valley of the Kings by the mountain. 8pm, sound and light at the temple of Karnak.
Day 9 : Temple of Karnak and Museum
Day in Luxor East. 8am, temple of Karnak. 2pm, temple of Luxor. 7pm, Luxor museum. 9pm, spice souk.
Day 10 : Head to Aswan

A day from Luxor to Aswan. 6am, departure. 9am, visit of the temple of Edfou. 11am, visit of the temple of Kôm Ombo. 1pm, arrival in Aswan.

Day 11 : Fellucca cruise

Day in Aswan. 9am, departure of the fellucca. 9:30am, visit of the monastery Saint-Siméon. 11am, visit to Kitchener Island. 12pm, climb to the first cataract. 2pm, visit of the Eléphantine Island. 3pm, lunch at Beit El-Nubi. 4pm, Nubian Museum. 6pm, tea on the Old Cataract terrace. 9pm, sound and light at the Philae temple.

Day 12 : A Lake Nasser cruise

Cruise day on Lake Nasser

Day 13 : The Kalabcha Temples

Kalabcha and Seboua temples 

Day 14 : Abu Simbel

Admiration of the Abu Simbel temples.

Day 15 : End of the trip


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