Ornithological circuit in Uzbekistan

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While decades of Soviet occupation have been marked by a veritable écocide and a disappearance of many animal and plant species, the desert occupied area, untouched by any human occupation, has returned from independence to the observation of birds. Endemic, foreign or migratory species of passage: a circuit not to take without its binoculars!

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Madrasas Barak Khan. Pedestrian street Saligoh. Samarkand Bazaar. Backgammon game. Women ouzbekes. Madrasas Nadir-Divanbeg.

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  • Tachkent
  • Boukhara
  • Samarkand
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Details of the stay: Ornithological circuit in Uzbekistan - 7 days

Day 1 : Arrival in Tashkent

Arrival in the morning in Tashkent and transfer to Tchimgan. Walk, relax and rest at the end of the day.

Day 2 : The birds of the hills

80 km east of Tashkent, Tchimgan is a pretty high altitude village with a climate very popular with the Uzbeks. This is where you can start your bird watching, in the hills surrounding the city. Tchimgan is home to many colonies of torch-pot nuthatches, warblers and Indian orioles. Return to Tashkent at the end of the day.

Day 3 : Towards the capital timurid

Departure for Samarkand in the morning. Judgments on the road for bird watching. The desert limits are home to many species whose number and presence will depend on the period of the year to which you are doing this circuit. Visit Samarkand and visit the main monuments of Samarkand.

Day 4 : The vultures of Samarkand

Early departure for Takhta Karacha Pass. Bird watching, with a little luck of griffon and monk vultures. Return to Samarkand and visit the necropolis of Shah i Zinda in the evening.

Day 5 : Exit at dawn

Early departure for Zeravshan National Park, a few kilometres from Samarkand. Peachpie and White-rumped Shama are active mainly at dawn. You will therefore have returned to Samarkand in the early morning to finish your visit to the timid capital. In the afternoon, drive to Bukhara.

Day 6 : The birds of the desert

Departure very early in the Kyzyl Kum desert. Near an area irrigated by the Amou Daria, you can get to know the multicoloured birds that inhabit the red sand desert. The opportunity to picnic in the dunes, much more alive than one might imagine: turtles, lizards and of course camels live everywhere in the shade of the Saxauls.

Day 7 : On Lake Tudakul

Departure early in the morning towards Lake Tudakul. Bird watching near the lake. Return to Bukhara in the afternoon and take a return flight to Tashkent in the wake.

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