Hiking adventure in the footsteps of Guadeloupe

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While most tourists prefer the blue of the Caribbean Sea, it is possible to opt for a stay focused on walking in the heart of steep and tropical landscapes. In Guadeloupe, there are no less than 200 km of trails and hiking trails called "traces". If professionals offer guided outings for all levels, you can also organize yourself with a good map and the informed information of the local offices

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Cuba's tropical beach. Cemetery of Morne-à-l'Eau. The port of Alexandria. North Coast of Madeira. Path leading to the Carbet falls. Tropical forest in the National Park of Guadeloupe. Cascade aux écrevisses.

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  • Anse-Bertrand
  • Capesterre-Belle-Eau
  • Morne A L' Eau
  • Port-Louis
  • Saint-Claude
  • Saint-François
  • Saint-Louis
  • Sainte-Anne
  • Vieux-Habitants
  • Route De La Traversée
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Details of the stay: Hiking adventure in the footsteps of Guadeloupe - 8 days

Day 1 : Arrival at Pointe-à-Pitre, direction South Grande-Terre

To limit fatigue, and especially if your flight arrives late in the evening, choose accommodation in Grande-Terre, near Sainte-Anne or Saint-François. This will avoid traffic jams during rush hour on the road leading to Basse-Terre, an economic and tourist area. Relax, tomorrow a few kilometers of walking await you!

Day 2 : Jolan Wood

Departure from the kite-surf school at Anse du Belley beach, on the territory of Sainte-Anne, towards the famous Bois Jolan beach, famous for its lagoon with turquoise and shallow waters. The path allows you to walk through a small mangrove forest populated by herons and sandpipers, walk between ponds and ponds, before landing on the splendid beach of Bois Jolan, bordered by coconut palms. No difficulty to report on the 8 km round trip of the itinerary.

Day 3 : Anse-Bertrand

Head north of Grande-Terre for a second hike, this time 9 km long, with no difference in altitude and rather easy. From Port-Louis, it is a question of following the coast, first going up along the Anse du Souffleur beach, which is perfectly suited for swimming at the Port Saint-Louis cemetery, just after which the path sinks into the mangrove swampy areas. Once past Anse Lavolvaine, popular with surfers, it is the one of the Petite Chapelle that is revealed. All you have to do is follow the coconut trees to Anse-Bertrand

Day 4 : The Paradise Waterfall

Early in the morning, we will reach Vieux-Habitants, in Basse-Terre, to attack the superb Cascade Paradis. The walk, which is quite easy and has a maximum altitude difference of 100 metres, is done in the heart of the Grand-Rivière valley, in the Guadeloupe National Park, and is completed in about 3 hours. Lush vegetation and riverside paths lead you to the waterfall, remarkable in that its basin is framed by harmonious geological formations called basalt organs

Day 5 : First fall of the Carbet

Also located in the national park, the hike to the first Carbet Falls, 115 metres high, will give less experienced walkers a hard time, due to a slightly greater difference in altitude (350 m) than on previous routes. The path is nevertheless sumptuous, allowing you to discover various layers of the humid forest, before facing the torrent exploding on a rock that has become orange as a result of the passage of sulphate-laden water. Count 4 hours 30 to complete the 7 km of the trail, 1 hour 30 more if you decide to go to the second waterfall

Day 6 : The Soufrière

Perhaps the highlight of the stay! The ascent of the Soufrière, the highest point in the archipelago, is certainly not the easiest walk, because of its 500 m altitude difference, but it is certainly the one that offers the most satisfaction to walkers. From the path, with its fumaroles and powerful sulphur smells, emerges an atmosphere that is as volcanic as ever, and the diversity of fauna and flora is amazing. Once you reach the crater, on sunny days, you can enjoy a 360° panoramic view of the whole of Guadeloupe. An unforgettable show!

Day 7 : The Trade Winds Trail - Day 1

This hike is only for trained walkers, so the less experienced walkers will stick to the La Soufrière hike. The Trace des Alizés is indeed an old long-distance hiking trail - the GR-G1 - criss-crossing the ridges from the Route de la Traversée to Les Amandiers, north of Basse-Terre. The first stage is 27 km long, which can be completed in 8 hours, and links the centre of Basse-Terre to the Belle-Hôtesse refuge. Remember to check with local associations before starting this walk

Day 8 : The Trade Winds Trail - Day 2

This second stage is a little shorter than the first, since its 20 km can be covered in 5 hours for the most sporty, but is no less sumptuous! It should be noted, however, that as you leave the Belle-Hôtesse refuge, the trail gains in altitude, making it a little difficult to make progress at first, while allowing you to reach an unobstructed panorama, before gently heading towards the sea and the Almond trees.

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