The great tour of Cambodia

  • 21 days
  • All seasons
  • General public
  • Culture / Heritage
  • Free time
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Given its many tourist attractions, three weeks will not be too long to overcome the destination. They will also allow you to take the time to get off the beaten track and enjoy a few great days of relaxation. This is the ideal time to discover Cambodia.

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Temple of Angkor Wat. Royal Palace of Phnom Penh. The central market in Phnom Penh (Phsar Thmey). Khmer habitation. Before the temple of Angkor Wat. Statue of Shiva. Kompong Chhnang, a floating village. Temple in Battambang. Market in Battambang. Buddhist temple of Sihanoukville. Salines between Krong and Kampot. Marché market. Ruins of the Temple Chisor. Traveling merchant on the banks of the Tonlé Sap.

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  • Phnom Penh
  • Battambang
  • Siem Reap
  • Sihanoukville
  • Ream
  • Kampot
  • Kep
  • Angkor
  • Lovek
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Details of the stay: The great tour of Cambodia - 21 days

Day 1 : First steps in Phnom Penh

Arrival in Phnom Penh. Visit of the Royal Palace and the National Museum of Cambodia.

Day 2 : Recent history of the country

Thematic day on the Khmer Rouge period. Visit of the Tuol Sleng Museum (S 21) in the morning. In the afternoon, visit the Choeung Ek Memorial (Killing Fields).

Day 3 : Colonial Phnom Penh

A walk in the city. Start with Wat Phnom in the north of the city. Discover the old colonial district. Go along the banks of the Tonle Sap.

Day 4 : Over the water

Departure for Siem Reap by boat. The afternoon will be dedicated to visiting the city, local crafts and museum. In the evening, Pub Street is an absolute necessity.

Day 5 : Discovery of Angkor

Take a three-day pass. Visit to Angkor. Take the opportunity to spend some time detailing the architectural wonders in the heart of the jungle.

Day 6 : Discovery of Angkor (continued)

A second day dedicated to the discovery of this huge site.

Day 7 : Discovery of Angkor (continued and end)

End of Angkor visit in the morning. In the afternoon, visit one of the many floating villages on the Tonlé Sap.

Day 8 : New journey by boat

Leave Siem Reap to travel to Battambang by boat.

Day 9 : On board the Bamboo train

Visit of the surrounding countryside of Battambang. Take the Bamboo train at sunset.

Day 10 : On the road

Leave Battambang to go to Sihanoukville.

Day 11 : A day on the water, in Sihanoukville Bay

Take a tour of the islands in Sihanoukville Bay.

Day 12 : Natural treasure of Cambodia

Spend a day in Ream National Park and sleep in Kampot.

Day 13 : Day Nature

A day dedicated to the visit of Bokor, a former climate station of the colonial era in the heart of the national park of Preah Monivong. Ride by boat on the river at sunset.

Day 14 : Playing the Robinson in Krong

Go to Krong and spend the night on the Rabbit island.

Day 15 : A tour of the market for crabs

Spend a day in Krong, visit the national park and enjoy a crab crab from Kampot to the crab market!

Day 16 : Back to Phnom Penh

On the road to Phnom Penh, spend a night around Takeo and discover the remains of Phnom Da.

Day 17 : New stage in nature

Visit Kirirom National Park.

Day 18 : Road for Phnom Penh

Back in the capital.

Day 19 : Excursion to Lovek

One day excursion. Visit of the former Royal Capital of Lovek

Day 20 : Last shopping session in Phnom Penh

Day devoted to shopping in the Russian market and the central market.

Day 21 : End of course

Take off and return flight.

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