Beyond the Arctic Circle

  • 7 days
  • All seasons
  • Solo
  • Couple
  • Friends
  • Culture / Heritage
  • Adventure / Sports & Leisure
  • Medium

For those who love wide open spaces and who have always dreamed of saying that they have been in Lapland, this tour is totally dedicated to them. You will pass through the nerve centres of the region and under no circumstances will you be disappointed! Nature and discovery is the program of this initiatory journey through the Far North!

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  • Vuollerim
  • Umeå
  • Luleå
  • Gammelstad
  • Abisko
  • Jokkmokk
  • Kiruna
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Details of the stay: Beyond the Arctic Circle - 7 days

Day 1 : Arrival in Luleå

Arrival in Luleå. The city is located on a peninsula where Lule Bay and the Gulf of Bothnia meet. The bay extends northwest to become the Luleälven River, allowing sea transport across the country.

Day 2 : Boat trip in summer or snowmobile ride in winter

Visit to Luleå. In summer, a boat trip to the islands surrounding the city, in winter it will be by ski, snowmobile or even by car along the roads on the Gulf of Bothnia. Then visit Gammelstad, a medieval village located 15 km north of the city centre.

Day 3 : In the heart of the country via the Arctic Circle

Head north and Jokkmokkk. We are sinking into the hilly heart of the country. At this latitude, cities become villages and these are becoming increasingly rare. There are only forests and snow-covered lands left, more than eight months a year, and we regularly meet a herd of reindeer on our way. After about a hundred kilometres, we finally pass the Arctic Circle, but nothing exceptional at this level except perhaps a sign indicating it on the side of the road

Day 4 : Panoramic view of rivers, lakes and forests

Arrival and visit of Jokkmokk and surroundings, including a possible stop in the charming village of Vuollerim to discover its archaeological museum. In Jokkmokkk, you can't miss the Ajtte Museum. The area, bordered by rivers and lakes, offers the opportunity to hike through the forest, fish in summer and winter and be tempted by a dog sledding excursion or the discovery of the midnight sun around June and July.

Day 5 : A little detour to the ice hotel

Always further north towards Kiruna. Kiruna has no real interest except for the visit of its mine and, in winter, the possibility of skiing not far from the centre. It is a welcome stop on the road to Abisko. A little before Kiruna, however, it is essential to stop in the village of Jukkasjärvi where the famous Ice Hotel is located, entirely made of ice blocks (including beds!), and which is rebuilt every year by architects from all over the world.

Day 6 : Northern lights hunter

Arrival in Abisko. This tourist resort, lost in the mountains, offers many possibilities for nature lovers. Located on the edge of the national park, it is the starting point of the famous Royal Trail (Kungsleden), to be skied or walked. There is also a cable car open all year round, we come for the midnight sun, the northern lights, nature and nature.

Day 7 : End of the trip

Return to Luleå (another 500 kilometres).

If you have more time, do not hesitate to add 3 days in Umeå. We take the opportunity to do fika, visit the feminism museum (the first in Europe, opened in 2014) and take curling lessons. Also, the surroundings offer the possibility of taking a dog-sled ride in winter or hiking in all seasons.

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