One week in the Gothenburg region

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Gothenburg is a Swedish port city facing the Kattegat Strait. The city is highly appreciated for its landscapes, its hectares of botanical gardens, its historical and modern monuments. There is a sweetness of life here, a very Swedish tranquility in a light atmosphere. The islands on the west coast such as Styrsö or Donsö are full of spots for windsurfing enthusiasts.

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Details of the stay: One week in the Gothenburg region - 6 days

Day 1 : Discover the city on foot and by boat

Start your visit with a Paddan boat trip on the Gothenburg canals. Then discover the city's museum and finish the morning in the superb Kronhuset Square, in the historic centre of Inom Vallgraven, where you can have lunch on the run at Café Kronhuset. In the afternoon, take a stroll along the bustling Avenyn Avenue and gently head for the Korsvägen junction to visit the Universeum Science Museum and then head to Liseberg Park for a few rides. In the evening, have dinner in one of the city's listed fish and seafood restaurants.

Day 2 : Immersion in the historical heart

Visit the historic centre of Inom Vallgraven and discover its various monuments in the morning. Go to the Feskekörka fish market for lunch to enjoy a good shrimp sandwich or to eat the fish of the day. In the afternoon, go to the historic district of Haga to stroll through its narrow streets with their pretty houses and continue your stroll by sitting on the terrace of one of the small cafés on the corner. You will not miss a good cinnamon roll at the Husaren café! In the evening, head for the bobo district of Linné for an aperitif and then a light dinner in one of its many bars.

Day 3 : Architecture, Antique and Design Day

Spend the morning at the Lilla Bommen marina. Stroll around the Opera House with its highly designed architecture and visit the Maritimam Museum, located just a few cables away. Lunch in one of the restaurants on the quays of Lilla Bommen or on a barge restaurant near the Maritimam Museum. In the afternoon, rent a kayak from Lilla Bommen for a two-hour trip on the Gothenburg canals. On the way back, go to the Lipstick building where you can take the elevator to the top floor to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Gothenburg, with the sunset as a bonus if the weather is fine. Then go to Avenyn for dinner and stay there to celebrate. If it is a weekday, go to the Yaki-Da where you will always find the atmosphere.

Day 4 : Directorate the Southern Gothenburg Archipelago

It is time to get out of Gothenburg. Take tram # 11 and get off at Saltholmen where you will take the ferry to the southern archipelago of Gothenburg. Get off in Styrsö and spend the morning there. You can choose to go to the beach or make a small hike in the forest. In the afternoon, join the island of Donsö by the bridge and walk on the side of the harbour where you can discover beautiful, restored fishing houses. Then go to the wild beach of Horsika. Return to Gothenburg by ferry early in the evening.

Day 5 : Jorefjorden Fiord

Leave Gothenburg early and take the road to Fjällbacka, 3 hours by car. Visit this pretty town located at the end of Jorefjorden Fiord, opposite many inhabited islets. Stroll along its charming harbour and then through the narrow streets with their colourful wooden houses. Do not miss, in front of the port, Ingrid Bergman Square, where there is a statue representing the bust of the actress who had made this place her favourite holiday destination. It was off Fjällbacka that his ashes were scattered. Continue on your way and climb up to the viewpoint at the top of the Vestterberget rock; the view of Fjällbacka and the neighbouring islands is sublime. In the evening, enjoy a good fish at Bryggan's restaurant. Overnight on site.

Day 6 : One day on the island of Väderöarna

Stay in Fjällbacka and take the boat to spend the day on Väderöarna Island. The island is characterized by a landscape of gray gray rocks, quite spectacular, with "hanging gardens" on the heights as early as spring. Marked trails allow hiking throughout the island. There are also pleasant bathing areas, both coves and small beaches. Return to 16 h by boat in Fjällbacka. Take the road to Gothenburg where you will arrive at around 8 p. m. Night in Gothenburg.




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