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The Kyzyl Kum desert, covering an area of nearly 300,000 km2, covers a large part of the country between the Syr Daria in the north, the Amou Daria in the south and the Aral Sea in the west. Some tour operators offer the possibility of rediscovering the sensations of desert caravans by carrying out camel rides lasting a few days around a yurt camp.

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Madrasas Barak Khan. Yurts camp near Lake Aydar Kul. Yurts camp near Lake Aydar Kul. Samarkand Bazaar. Pedestrian street Saligoh. Casserole pot to stop the bad eye at the bazaar.

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  • Tachkent
  • Boukhara
  • Samarkand
  • Ferghana
  • Lac Aydar Kul
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Details of the stay: Desert caravans - 7 days

Day 1 : Towards Kyzyl Koum

Arrival in Tashkent in the morning and internal flight to Bukhara. Visit the main monuments of this desert oasis, an old stopover for caravans on the Silk Road: the Poy Kalon complex, the market domes and their artisans, the Liab-i-Khaouz basin and its madrasas.

Day 2 : Around Alexander's fortress

Transfer to Nourata, the city that marks the boundary between the two worlds, nomadic and sedentary, and visit the sacred spring, the petroglyphs and the city of Alexander. Transfer to a yurt village on the shores of Lake Aydar Kul.

Day 3 : First day of camel ride

Contact with camels in the morning, camel riding in the dunes of Kyzyl Kum in the afternoon and meeting with nomads to taste kumiss, the fermented mare's (or camel's) milk so prized by Western stomachs! Night under the stars.

Day 4 : Second day of camel trekking

Hiking to the shores of Lake Aydar Kul. Walk around the lake, rest and return in the evening to the yurt camp.

Day 5 : Discovery of the Timurid capital

Return to Samarkand, on the eastern fringe of the Kyzyl Kum, and visit the main monuments: the Gour Emir mausoleum, the Registan, the Bibi Khanum mosque and, at the end of the day to enjoy the best lights, the Shah i Zinda necropolis.

Day 6 : The modern capital of Uzbekistan

Return to Tashkent. Visit in the afternoon to the Koukeldach madrasa, the Hazrat Imam ensemble and the Museum of the Peoples of Uzbekistan. Evening at the Navoi Opera House.

Day 7 : Flight Flight

Last session shopping at Chorsu Bazaar to make full of spices, nuts and small souvenirs, and then take off.

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