A Month to Really Discover Chile

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We finally have time to breathe and take his time! This is an adequate time to know the country: from the far north with the salt desert of Atacama to the great south with Patagonia and Torres del Paine Park through the rivers of rivers and great lakes. You can complete this stay with a getaway in Easter Islands if your budget allows you.

Photo gallery

<p>Pésidentiel Palace La Moneda</p> Festival of Mille Tambours with Valparaiso Port of Valparaiso Horse-drawn carriages in Viña del Mar Beach of Easter Island <p>Flora of the valley of Las'near Chillan</p> <p>View of Lake Villarrica</p> <p>The town of Valdivia.</p> <p>Church of Puerto Varas</p> Flore de Ensenada, lake Llanquihue <p>Castro on the island of With ́.</p> <p>Puerto Montt</p> <p>Estuaire Esperanza</p> Block of ice drift <p>Torres del Paine National Park landscape.</p> <p>Bay of Ultima Esperanza</p> A guest surprise Pinguinera Otway Hiker facing the lunar landscape of San Pedro de Atacama San Pedro de Atacama church Pukara de Quitor Church of the region of Arica Village in the valley of Azapa Bust <p>Lago Chungara.</p>

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  • Parque Nacional Lauca
  • Santiago de Chile
  • Chillán
  • Valle de Las Trancas
  • Temuco
  • Villarrica
  • Pucón
  • Parque Nacional Villarrica
  • Valdivia
  • Puerto Varas
  • Puerto Montt
  • Ancud
  • Castro
  • Parque Nacional de Chiloe
  • Calama
  • San Pedro de Atacama
  • Arica
  • Putre
  • Parque Nacional Rapa Nui
  • Hanga Roa
  • Lago Caburgua - Parque Nacional Huerquehue
  • Valparaíso
  • Isla Negra
  • Viña del Mar
  • Punta Arenas
  • Puerto Natales
  • Parque Nacional Torres del Paine
  • Valle de Azapa
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Details of the stay: A Month to Really Discover Chile - 30 days

Day 1 : Arrival in the capital

Arrival in Santiago. Installation at the hotel. Visit of the centre and one or two museums.

Day 2 : Chic district of Santiago

Visit of the Bellavista district of Neruda. Bus in the afternoon for Valparaíso.

Day 3 : In Valpa Bay

Visit of Valparaíso, the house of Pablo Neruda, the hills. Night on the spot.

Day 4 : Discovering the surroundings of Valparaíso

The second day in Valparaíso with discovery of the surroundings (Viña del Mar, Isla Negra, National Park La Campana for hikers).

Day 5 : In the mountains

Bus for Chillán and Las Trancas. Night on the spot.

Please note: One can of course change days 5, 6, 7 and 8 for a discovery on Easter Island (flight on day 5 for Hanga Roa de Santiago, visit of the National Park on day 6, horse riding and/or dive on day 7, return to Santiago on day 8), and day 9 fly from Santiago to Temuco + direct transfer to Pucón. Day 10 would then be occupied at the ascend of the volcano Villarrica, thermes in the afternoon, and the day 11 direct bus for Puerto Varas.

Day 6 : In the Andean Cordillera

Discover the beautiful valley of Las ', its forests, volcanoes and numerous activities.

Day 7 : Transfer via Chillán

Back to Chillán, bus for Pucón.

Day 8 : Sport and recreation

Ascent of Villarrica Volcano in the morning, thermal baths in the afternoon.

Day 9 : Hiking in a National Park

Trek in Huerquehue National Park. Night in Pucón.

Day 10 : In the rivers region

Bus for Valdivia. Discovery of the city, one of the forts in the afternoon if you have time. Night in the region.

Day 11 : Towards the south

Bus for Puerto Varas. Walk in the city.

Day 12 : Between lakes and volcanoes

Discovery of the region, lakes, waterfalls, volcanoes. Night in Puerto Varas.

Day 13 : On the island of With

Bus for Ancud in the morning, visit the site.

Day 14 : A meeting of penguins

Visit of penguin reserve in the morning and then bus in the afternoon for Castro. Visit of the city.

Day 15 : Walks in nature

One day visit to Chiloé National Park.

Day 16 : Cape to the South

Return by bus to Puerto Montt. Flight for Punta Arenas. Night on the spot.

Day 17 : Arrival in Patagonia

Bus in the morning for Puerto Natales. Organization of the trek in Torres del Paine National Park.

Day 18 : In Torres del Paine Park

Trek W in Torres del Paine National Park.

Day 19 : Trek W

Trek W in Torres del Paine National Park.

Day 20 : Trek W, next

Trek W in the Torres del Paine National Park.

Day 21 : Trek W, next

Trek W in the Torres del Paine National Park. Return to Puerto Natales.

Day 22 : Return to the capital

Buses for Punta Arenas, flight for Santiago.

Day 23 : Cape to the Far North

Fly in the morning for Calama to the north, transfer to San Pedro de Atacama. In the evening, if we still have energy, astronomical tower.

Day 24 : Village of Atacama

Visit of the village, its church, its museum, its Andean atmosphere. Moon valley in the afternoon.

Day 25 : Geysers and ruins

Visit geysers in the morning. In the afternoon, visit the ruins of Quitor.

Day 26 : Desert desert

A day to the salar d'Atacama, its lagoons, its breathtaking landscape. In the evening, bus for Arica.

Day 27 : Azapa Valley

Visit of the city, from the valley of Azapa.

Day 28 : In the Cordillera

Direction the Andes Cordillera, visit the Précolombiens villages, the Inca ruins, night in Putre.

Day 29 : Around the lagoon

Discover the Chungará Laguna, its sumptuous landscapes. Return to Arica in the evening.

Day 30 : Return "for good"

Flight to Santiago. Last purchases. Envol for your country of origin in the evening.

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