Three weeks for the inevitable of southern Peru

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It takes many weeks to travel to Peru in its entirety, and we prevent any circuit that would suggest that the Northern and Southern part of Peru be discovered in 3 weeks. The following circuit has the advantage of discovering the most important tourist points in Peru, accessible to all, as well as other less known. However, attention: it is prudent to consider fallback solutions in case the altitude of altitude is delayed. Depending on the seasons, roads can also be blocked. It is better to spend a few days in Lima at the end of the journey instead of scheduling its return to the capital the day before a flight by plane.

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Presidential palace. Panoramic city views. Cuzqueña in traditional dress. <p>Terraces of the Inca ́ website.</p> The INCA fortress dominates the town of Ollantaytambo. <p>Ruins of.</p> City centre. Temple INCA de Q 'enqo. The condor watches over the city of Kuntur Wasi observation tower. Island of Taquile. Puno views from the lake. Rue du city centre. Village of Chivay seen from the high plateaus. Monasterio Santa Catalina. The market of Arequipa. Arid mountains of the Nazca region. <p>. de Funerary.</p> Cathedral of Lima. Museo de Nación.

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  • Lima
  • Paracas
  • Nazca
  • Tacna
  • Arequipa
  • Chivay
  • Yanque
  • Puno
  • Lampa
  • Cusco
  • Písaq
  • Yucay
  • Urubamba
  • Chinchero
  • Ollantaytambo
  • Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu Pueblo
  • Machu Picchu
  • Ayacucho
  • Lamas
  • Iquitos
  • Pachacámac
  • Coporaque
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Details of the stay: Three weeks for the inevitable of southern Peru - 19 days

Day 1 : Historic Center of Lima

This first day is devoted to the visit of the historic center of Lima and a few hours shopping in the surrounding streets to gather the last elements that might miss on this trip. Do not miss the Plaza Major, where the cathedral and the government palace were built. Evening in the lively Barranco district.

Day 2 : Direction Cusco

Rise at Aurores to take a plane to Cusco. As a party of sea level to be at about 3 400 m, it remains imperative to sleep a few hours after arrival, because the evil of altitude will save nobody. All pharmacies in the centre sell some capsules to overcome these ailments. The rest of the day, walk around the Plaza de Armas with its colonial constructions. Do not make efforts and rest.

Day 3 : City Visit

Visit of the city with a local travel agency for half a day. It begins with a visit of the cathedral which contains more than four hundred paintings from Cusco School and then continues through the discovery of the temple of the Sun, religious center Incited to the worship of the sun. A bus then leads participants to the magnificent ruins of Sacsayhuamán, then to Q 'enqo and Tambomachay. Back to town to spend the night.

Day 4 : Sacred Valley Archeological Sites

Excursion to the Sacred Valley (Duration: 1 day). It asks for the purchase of a tourist ticket which offers access to many cultural and monuments sites. First stop in the city of Písaq, known for its particularly lively market on Sunday, and where many inhabitants are dressed in traditional clothes. This is a good place to take some memories. Lunch in the city of Urubamba, where everyone can taste the famous corn grown in the region. Then direction to the incase ruins of Ollantaytambo and then to the archeological site of Chinchero, which stands with a magnificent colonial church. Night in the sacred valley at the Sonesta Posada Del Inca Sacred Valley in Yucay for pleasant moments of relaxation.

Day 5 : D Day: Machu Picchu

Taking a shuttle bus early in the morning towards Ollantaytambo station where a train awaits tourists who wish to visit one of Peru's mythical sites: Machu Picchu. It is strongly advised to have a guide with itself in this stone city because it is difficult to know what each ruin means, and the visit would lose much of its interest. Return by bus to the city of Aguas Calientes with moments of relaxation in natural springs of hot water.

Day 6 : Trek to Huchuy Qosqo

Return by train to Ollantaytambo station from Aguas Calientes. Here, a guide will wait for the traveler to train in a one and a half day trek whose first step is the Huchuy Qosqo site. It is an ancient Inca city located in the middle of nowhere with a superb view on the mountain range of the Vilcanota Cordillera. Night camping in the middle of the ruins.

Day 7 : Lake and mountains

The next day, the walk continues to reach Cusco. It passes through various and varied landscapes, often located at high altitude (about 4 300 m). On request, lunch is possible on the edge of a mountain lake. A few cooks will prepare this meal, as well as the previous evening. After a long day of effort, night in Cusco.

Day 8 : Cusco Exploration Suite

Free day in Cusco. It is an opportunity to explore the many churches of the city and the religious art museum (boleto religioso) or the incas. Cusco has other museums for those who are hungry for culture: the Inca Museum, the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art and the Arte Popular Museum for the best known. It is included in the tourist ticket. Night in Cusco.

Day 9 : Cap towards Lake Titicaca

A long day of bus leads to the city of Puno, which runs along the beautiful Titicaca lake. Better to take a good bus (example: Inka Express) in order not to suffer a sometimes difficult road. These higher-class buses also pass through videos, have hostesses serving to drink, and a guide that provides all the explanations necessary during the stops, the latter turning into visits to architectural places. Night in Puno.

Day 10 : On lake islands

The morning is dedicated to visiting the floating Uros Islands. It is possible to do some shopping and sail on hand-built boats based on natural material. The second part of the day is intended to visit the island of Taquile. So that this excursion, which requires crossing several hundred steps, does not turn into a calvary, ask to borrow this famous staircase at the end of the day, descending the steps to join the boat rather than the amount when arriving on the island. Possibility to spend the night at home and return to Puno the following morning.

Day 11 : On the market in Puno

Second day in Puno. It is an opportunity to visit the very large market in the city: clothing in alpaca wool, fruit and vegetables, maintenance products and daily consumption, everything is here! In the afternoon, excursion to the site of Sillustani. The funeral towers of this place, called chullpas, where the corpses of entire families were grouped, are among the highest in Peru. In the evening, take a night bus in the direction of Arequipa.

Day 12 : Arequipa, rich colonial heritage

The bus arrives very early in Arequipa, at dawn. Free day in the city where major places are the monastery of Santa Catalina, a true city in the city, as well as the Santuarios Andinos Museum, which includes the mummy of a child sacrificed at the top of Ampato: Juanita. Its state of conservation is such that it is still possible to distinguish hair and skin texture from the girl. Night in Arequipa.

Day 13 : Escapade in the Colca Canyon

The excursion to the Colca canyon, one of the deepest in the world, exists in two formulas, within one or two days. Very clearly, one day's excursion brings only fatigue and a lot of road. After crossing deserted highlands at high altitudes where you meet alpacas, vigognas and lamas, a short stop allows you to drink a cup of coca leaf, recommended for better adaptation at altitude. The bus then goes to the city of Chivay, renowned for its natural thermal springs. Night in Chivay, Yanque, Coporaque or Colca Lodge.

Day 14 : At the meeting of des

The second day is the one where the traveller enters the canyon directly. After the tortuous road crossing, the main objective of this expedition is achieved: the mirador of the. By chance, the visitor will observe condors in full flight. Return and night in Arequipa. For a minimum of 2 days, you can go down to the oasis.

Day 15 : Purchase of memories in Arequipa

New free day in Arequipa, where the purchase of some souvenirs is possible on the streets adjacent to the sublime Plaza de Armas. Knowing that the bus leading to Nasca leaves only about 10:00 p. m., it is better to enjoy the terraces of the major hotels to enjoy a drink with a magnificent view of the fountain and the cathedral of that place. Night bus to Nasca.

Day 16 : Nasca's Mysterious Lines

A great mystery encircles Nasca and his region. By flying over the desert, large figures can be seen from heaven, some with a monkey, spider or hand. Although many theories try to answer the question of the existence of these lines, called Nasca lines, nobody knows what the meaning is today. Bus at the end of the afternoon from Nasca to rally Paracas. Night in the beautiful fishing port of Paracas.

Day 17 : Peru's Mini-Galapagos

Excursion to the Ballestas Islands, also known as the mini Galapagos. They attribute this designation by the abundant fauna of birds (petrels, cormorants and others) and sea lions who live in these places. Every five years, and for about three months, workers come to live on these islands to salvage the guano, dejecting animals that, by accumulating, can reach several tens of meters thick. Back on the port, a bus will follow with the visit of the national reserve of Paracas. Afternoon transfer to the Huacachina oasis, 1 h drive to arrive at sunset time on the dunes.

Day 18 : On sand dunes

A buggy tower of the dunes if you haven't had the time the day before and enjoy the place to make sandboarding, the equivalent of snowboarding, but on the sand. Bus to Lima. Night in Lima in the Miraflores district or in Barranco.

Day 19 : Return to Lima

In Lima, before taking off for the return, all lovers must not forget to be at the bridge of sighs in the Barranco area or visit its museums and stroll among its casonas. One day at the archeological site of Pachacamac is another solution for those who do not wish to stay in town. Night in Lima.

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