On the road to Confucianism

  • 4 days
  • Spring
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  • Solo
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  • Culture / Heritage
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South Korea is a country that has been imbued with Confucianist ideology. This tour offers the opportunity to discover the high points of this way of thinking and to immerse oneself in its spirituality

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Temple of Bulguksa.

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  • Andong
  • Gyeongju
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Details of the stay: On the road to Confucianism - 4 days

Day 1 : Visit of one of the most beautiful academies in Seoul

The National Academy Seonggyun-gwan (Munmyo) in the center of Seoul, an original place of official learning of Confucianism.

Day 2 : Ancestral Rituals

Jongmyo (always in Seoul), one of the few places where it is possible to attend, on the first Sunday in May, a Confucian ritual as practiced by the Korean kings.

Day 3 : Andong, high place of Confucianism

Andong, town around which many Confucian sites are located: Byeongsan Seowon, one of the country's finest Confucian academies, built in 1629; Dosan Seowon, a Confucian center of paramount importance since the sixteenth century, developed after the death of its founder Toegye, who adorns the 1,000 Korean wons; the tomb and village of Toegye; Sosu Seowon, this Confucian Academy is important in Korean history, as it was the first to receive royal authorization.

Day 4 : Balade around Oksan Seowon

Oksan Seowon (near Gyeongju), one of the oldest Confucian academies in the country (built in 1572) and one of the largest, built in honor of a famous Joseon scholar.

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