Nature and culture of Armenia

  • 17 days
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  • Solo
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  • Culture / Heritage
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Armenia will continue to surprise you with the diversity of its landscapes, between highlands, mountains and great lakes. The architecture will not leave you with marble, nor will you tire of discovering its many temples and monasteries.

Photo gallery

<p>Fish market in Gisenyi.</p> <p>Saghmosavank Monastery.</p> <p>Church of Gyumri.</p> <p>Majestic volcano.</p> Gochavank monastery. <p>Sheep grazing among Noradouz Khatchkars.</p> <p>Dance in the shadow of volcanoes.</p> <p>Landscape in the Eastern Province.</p>

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  • Garni
  • Achtarak
  • Amberd
  • Lac Kari
  • Mughni
  • Ohanavan
  • Saghmosavan
  • Gyumri
  • Hayravank
  • Gavar
  • Dilidjan
  • Haghartsin
  • Idjevan
  • Stepanavan
  • Alaverdi
  • Sanahin
  • Haghpat
  • Selim
  • Djermouk
  • Sisian
  • Goris
  • Tatev
  • Kapan
  • Meghri
  • Stepanakert
  • Eghegnazor
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Details of the stay: Nature and culture of Armenia - 17 days

Day 1 : Arrival

Arrival in Yerevan and installation in the capital, starting point for a long hike in the country, combining trekking in the mountains, seaside recreation on Lake Sevan and the discovery of monasteries.

Day 2 : Yerevan visit and first hike

Visit of Yerevan and its museums. In the afternoon, excursions to the temple of Garni and visit of the monastery of Geghard.

Day 3 : Departure for Achtarak

Departure for Achtarak, at the foot of Mount Arakadz, crossed by the river Kazakh, which crosses a beautiful medieval bridge, in the same stone of ochre tufa as the ancient churches scattered throughout the city. Accommodation possible before expedition at the top of the Arakadz.

Day 4 : Trek on Mount Achtarak

By car, leave the Mount Arakadz, from the Kazakh gorge bordered by monasteries (Saghmosavan, Ohanavan, Mughni, etc.) to the medieval fortress of Amberd; meetings with yezidis nomads that will offer you tan (yogurt) under the tents in which they reside during the transhumance of their herds of sheep. The road is carrossed to Kari Litch Lake (3,400 m), surrounded by neuroties. Possibility to stay in a refuge, bivoufling or stopping to taste skewers.

Day 5 : On the way to the summit

Ascension accessible to non-mountaineers, accompanied of course by a guide, towards snow-covered summits (maximum altitude: 4,090 m) dominating the plain of the Ararat. Descent from the north slope, further down to the plain of Chiraq and Gyumri. Housing.

Day 6 : Green landscapes and monasteries

From Gyumri to Kapan, Northern Armenia Gate. Visit of Lori Bank fortress. Climb the river Debed to Alaverdi and the monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin.

Day 7 : Towards Dilijan

Join the bed of the Aghtsev, which is penstock south, via Idjevan, to Dilijan, where you live in a chalet.

Day 8 : Around Dilijan

Visit of monasteries in the Dilijan, Gochavank and Haghartsin region.

Day 9 : Relaxing in Lake Sevan

Resuming the road towards Lake Sevan. Accommodation in a hotel on the shores of the lake. 

Day 10 : Water activities

Relaxation, water sports, sailing aboard sailing boats or fishing boats.

Day 11 : On the shores of Lake Sevan

From north to south of lake (70 km), by boat or by road, via the Monastère and Gavar monastery (west coast), to Martouni.

Day 12 : Departure to the South

To win southern Armenia through the Col de Selim and its beautiful caravanserai. Eghegnadzor, the rural municipalities of the Zanguezour, the spa resort of Djermouk, the waterfall of Chaki, near Sisian, Goris...

Day 13 : Visit of Stepanakert

Visit of Stepanakert, the capital, and approach to the region.

Day 14 : Between past and present

And Nagorny Karabakh, one of the fracture points of the former USSR, where history, revealed by its monasteries in their midst of green mountains, is reaching the most topical news.

Day 15 : Majestic nature, between mountains and forests

Return to Armenia, continue south, via the Tatev monastery, towards Kapan, in a beautiful forest natural park at the foot of Mount Kapoudjouk (2 nd summit of Armenia, 3,904 m), and to Méghri, border town with Iran, crushed and surrounded by mountains shredded (forecast 2 days more), or go straight back to Erevan, via Amaghou-Noravank monastery.

Day 16 : Relaxing day in Everan

Rest in Yerevan, with a visit to the Siège Holy See.

Day 17 : End of stay

Departure from Yerevan.

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