The source of Armenian spirituality

  • 13 days
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Solo
  • Couple
  • Medium

Armenia, a country of temples and monasteries. Take your walking shoes, and leave on this spiritual road, which will also allow you to enjoy spectacular scenery.

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<p>Fish market in Gisenyi.</p> Ancient temple of Furnished. <p>Majestic volcano.</p> <p>Village near Vanadzor.</p> <p>Church of Gyumri.</p> Monastery of Khor Virap. <p>Village in around Goris.</p> <p>Dance in the shadow of volcanoes.</p> <p>Landscape in the Eastern Province.</p>

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  • Garni
  • Dzaghkadzor
  • Achtarak
  • Mughni
  • Ohanavan
  • Saghmosavan
  • Gyumri
  • Talin
  • Vanadzor
  • Alaverdi
  • Sanahin
  • Haghpat
  • Akhtala
  • Djermouk
  • Sisian
  • Goris
  • Tatev
  • Geghard
  • Khor Virap
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Details of the stay: The source of Armenian spirituality - 13 days

Day 1 : Arrival in Yerevan

Arrival in Yerevan and installation in the capital. First contact with the city and the inhabitants.

Day 2 : Visit of the city

Visit of Yerevan, its museums, churches, including the brand new cathedral Gregory the Illuminator (Krikor Loussavoritch) and its Persian mosque. In the afternoon visit the cathedral of Etchmiadzin, seat of the catholicos, and churches of the city.

Day 3 : First excursion

A short excursion to the temple of Garni, followed by a visit to the monastery of Geghard.

Day 4 : Circuit around Mount Arakadz

Departure by bus or car for the locality of Achtarak (20 km from Yerevan), starting point of a large circuit around Mount Arakadz, punctuated by numerous monasteries and medieval churches (Saghmosavan, Ohanavan, Mughni, etc.). Crossing villages inhabited by Yezidis Kurds. After a stop on the banks of the artificial lake of Abaran, housing around the town of Vanadzor, surrounded by forests.

Day 5 : On the road to monasteries

From Vanadzor, take the river Débed to Alaverdi to visit the magnificent monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin. A little further north, to Georgia, the monastery of Akhtala, with its churches adorned with frescoes and protected by well preserved walls, deserves the detour.

Day 6 : Around Vanadzor

Half turn towards Vanadzor, from where we will take the west, via Spitak, to Gyumri, ex-Léninakan, which slowly recovers from the terrible earthquake of 1988. Old neighbourhoods typical of Russian colonial architecture, but marked by Armenian influences, visible in the decor of facades of old mansions and churches. Possible accommodation and excursion to Lake Arpa, more than 2 000 m above sea level, at the borders of Armenia and Georgia, in the steppe decor of the Plaine plain.

Day 7 : Volcanic stones and archeological remains

Back to the south, via the town of Artik, famous for its quarry quarries, the volcanic stone in which most Armenian buildings are built, including the beautiful monastery of Haritchavank. Halte in Erérouk, with its ancient Paleochristian basilica and views on the majestic ruins of the ancient Armenian capital Ani, on Turkish territory.

Day 8 : Return to Everan

Return to Winterthur via, and its grand cathedral.

Day 9 : Departure for Southern Armenia

Visit of the rural south through the site of Khor Virap, nestled in vineyards and orchards at the foot of Mount Ararat, visit of the well where Grégoire the Illuminator was locked for thirteen years. We take the road towards the monastery of Noravank, with its singular churches adorned with sculptures, in a decor of high mountains and deep valleys. Accommodation in Djermouk, spa center of altitude, sparkling waterfalls.

Day 10 : Immersion in Armenian rural culture

Visit of the Zanguzour region, which preserved its rural traditions, via Sisian, to Goris and a little further south, the Tatev Monastery, rebuilt after the earthquake that ruined it in the 1930 s, and accessed since 2010 by an exceptional cable car, the longest in Europe.

Day 11 : Yerevan

Return to Yerevan.

Day 12 : Walking along the shores of Lake Sevan

Excursion to Lake Sevan and visit its ancient chapels, via the mountain Resort of Dzaghkadzor.

Day 13 : End of stay

Departure from Yerevan.

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