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In a few words and key dates

Since 1976, good addresses from the end of the world to the end of the street!

Everything started in 1976 with the meeting of two H. E. C. students in the preparatory class of Fermat in Toulouse, Dominique Auzias and Jean-Paul Labourdette. Following this meeting, they decided to publish a small guide with the good addresses of the city of Nancy sponsored by some local advertisers.

The publishing company : les Nouvelles Editions de l'Université, publishes Petit Futé guides in several languages , 4 of which are published daily, and accompany travellers to more than 800 destinations in 189 countries worldwide, including more than 100 exclusive destinations. Les Nouvelles Editions de l'Université is thus one of the first independent publishing groups in the field of tourism!

From yesterday to today, Petit Futé in a few dates

  • 1976: Launch of Nancy's first guide.
  • 1977: Reissue of Nancy's guide and launch of a first edition in Metz.
  • 1978: Preparation of a collection of 18 titles on France.
  • 1979: Launch of 20 Petit Futé Country-Guide titles in France.
  • 1980: Les Nouvelles Editions de l'Université become the publishers of Petit Futé.
  • 1981: Petit Futé guides have established themselves as leaders in the French market.
  • 1982: Petit Futé City-Guides become leaders in the French market.
  • 1983: Vectorization of the entire cartography.
  • 1984: Petit Futé settles in Belgium.
  • 1985: Database digitization.
  • 1986: Petit Futé settles in Canada.
  • 1987: Birth of the Departements collection.
  • 1988: Birth of the Regions collection.
  • 1989: Preparation of the first City guides abroad.
  • 1990: Birth of the Petit Futé Country-Guides collection.
  • 1991: Petit Futé settles in Russia
  • 1992: Birth of the Carnets de voyage (travel diaries) for tourism professionals.
  • 1993: Petit Futé settles in Spain.
  • 1994: Petit Futé settles in China.
  • 1996: Restructuring and modelling of the whole database.
  • 1999: Petit Futé launches into the Internet adventure with
  • 2000: With Dominique Auzias, Petit Futé is decorated with the Legion of Honour.
  • 2001: Development of Petit Futé's Thematic Collection.
  • 2002: The Nouvelle Editions de l'Université extend their activity in publishing.
  • 2003: Birth of the coffee-table books collection Les grands voyages du Petit Futé (Petit Futé's great journeys).
  • 2004: Petit Futé buys out the Publibook publishing house (self-publishing).
  • 2005: Change of logo for Petit Futé.
    Birth of the Immo Futé collection, now the Habitat collection.
  • 2006: Petit Futé settles in Poland.
    Birth of the bimonthly Petit Futé Magazine.
  • 2007: Development of a collection of thematic guides in Paris.
    Birth of the thematic collection Emploi (employment) sur les grandes villes de France.
  • 2008: New graphic charter for Petit Futé guides.
  • 2009: Petit Futé launches the V2 of its website:
    Petit Futé is developing in the era of Web 2.0.
    Birth of the World City-Guides collection.
  • 2010: The Carnets de Voyage (travel diaries) become accessible to the general public.
    Birth of Petit Futé's City-Trips collection
    Adaptation de la Base aux cours séjours dans les grandes villes du monde.
    Les beaux livres des Editions Déclics are part of the Petit Futé group.(pas traduit !) : Adaptation of the base to short stays in the world's major cities.
    Editions Déclics's coffee-table books are part of the Petit Futé group
  • 2011: Creation of Powerfox (database).
    Worldwide access to Petit Futé's contents thanks to the tool Powerfox
    Petit Futé becomes nomad (universal mobile site)
    First applications for iPhone, iPad, Androide, Nokia.
  • 2012: Intense development of mobile applications to download.
    Platforms: Samsung Bada, Black Berry, Nokia, Microsoft etc
    The Petit Futé launches the interactive application "le Petit Futé Reporter" (Petit Futé reporter).
    Creation of the Mini City-Guides (small and medium-sized cities).
    New graphic and editorial charter of the Petit Futé City-Guides.
  • 2013: Petit Futé establishes itself on the eBook market.
    The Petit Futé website becomes accessible in foreign languages.
    Creation and first tests of "physical" versions of digital guides.
  • 2014: Petit Futé launches "Smart EBooks" (Ebooks Futés) (
    The Petit Futé magazine becomes bi-annual.
    Petit Futé launches the V4 of its website:
  • 2015: Construction of BODs: Book On Demand.
  • 2016: Launch of the platform: which allows the creation of custom-made travel guides.

Petit Futé's assets

Local authors
For each of its titles, Petit Futé benefits from the presence of a competent team on the field at all times. Thus, with each new edition the editorial content is reviewed, corrected, developed and the establishments tested and visited.
A strong reputation
Petit Futé enjoys a very strong reputation in France, in the French overseas departments and territories but also in Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. Petit Futé guides are widely distributed in bookstores and supermarkets. Petit Futé is a partner of many major tourism media and continues to increase its presence at major national and international events for tourism professionals.
Total independence
After 30 years of operation, Petit Futé can be proud to always be an independent publishing house.
A kind of information which adapts to new consumption patterns
The typical reader of the Petit Futé is on the lookout for novelty, it has no fixed consuumer habits. He seeks to make the most of his leisure time and enjoy the best value for money in all his purchases and trips. Throughout these 30 years of existence, Petit Futé has been able to adapt to different and new consumption patterns. Thus, while "good deals" are always the order of the day, it is now good restaurants, beautiful hotels, charming houses, fitness centres, golf courses, etc. which complete all of these ever smarter addresses!